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Technology Contacts


 Instructional Computing

Joni BrummerDirector, Computer Lab/Instructional Services(480) 732-7226Pecos BRD 126
Heather FrengleyLearning Associate, Computer Lab(480) 732-7353Pecos BRD 123
Jeffrey BukerTemporary Level 2
Rick GisselComputer Lab Technician(480) 732-7353Pecos BRD 123
Stephanie GoffTemporary Level 2
Michael HigginsStudent Level 4
Rachael LawlessTemporary Level 2
Darren PageTemporary Level 2
Rinisha RajanStudent Level 4
Michael Shine JrComputer Lab Technician(480) 988-8279Williams BRID 107
Yvonne TorresStudent Level 4
Monica UlichLearning Associate, Computer Lab(480) 732-7188Pecos BRD 123
Brian WahnonBase Record - Nonexempt

 Center for Teaching and Learning

Juliane RoybalDirector of Instructional Technology and Course Production(480) 726-4240Pecos SC 160
Chloe SmithOffice Coordinator IIIPecos MSQ 159
Lesley CrydermanLearning Facilitator(480) 857-5341Pecos SC 161
Lenore EspinozaInstructional Technology Assistant(480) 726-4135Pecos SC 162
Cali MaryanOffice Coordinator III(480) 726-4135Pecos

 Media Services

Roy PopeCoordinator, Video Production(480) 732-7107Pecos LIB 207
David BadameAudiovisual Maintenance Technician(480) 988-8153Williams BLUF 127
Cory BartlettAudiovisual Technician(480) 732-7110Pecos LIB 203
Lawrence HernandezAudiovisual Maintenance Technician(480) 732-7397Pecos LIB 207
Michael LucasAudiovisual Technician(480) 857-5202Pecos LIB 204
Jeremi PrestonTemporary Technical Support
David RodriguezAudio Video Technician(480) 732-7233Pecos LIB 204
Elra WardAudiovisual Technician(480) 732-7113Pecos LIB 204
Diane YostWeb Technician(480) 726-4068Pecos LIB 207

 Technical Support Services

Charles NwankwoVice President, Information Technology and Media Services(480) 732-7020Pecos MSQ 170
Vincent (Vinny) ScalisiManager, Technical Support(480) 732-7057Pecos LIB 208
David SmithHelp Desk Manager(480) 726-4118Pecos LIB 238
Cyril AzoulaySystems Administrator II(480) 726-4120Pecos LIB 212
Michael Berry IIEnterprise Systems Admin(480) 732-7220Pecos LIB 211
Michael CurtisComputer Maintenance Technician(480) 857-5178Pecos LIB 215
Brien DieterleSystems Administrator II(480) 732-7271Pecos LIB 214
Andreas GronenBase Record Non Exempt
Bonnie JohnsonHelp Desk Analyst(480) 732-7149Pecos LIB 238
Scott LeonardSystems Administrator I(480) 857-5204Pecos LIB 212
Douglas NobleComputer Equipment Lead Technician (480) 988-8802Williams BLUF 131
Rhonda ReidExpeditor Assistant Buyer(480) 732-7215Pecos BRD 160
Kareem SantiestebanHelp Desk AnalystPecos LIB 236
Keith ScherbTemporary Technical Support
Ron SlamkaProgrammer/Analyst III(480) 732-7026Pecos LIB 209
Michael TraceyTemporary Level 2(480) 988-8820
Scott WickhamSystems Application Analyst(480) 732-7244Pecos LIB 212

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