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CGCC Faculty & Staff Directory
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Name Title Office Phone Location E-Mail Website
Academic Affairs
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Carli Anderson Adjunct Faculty
George Arnold Adjunct Faculty
Brian Azeka Base Record Exempt
Nannette Bailey Adjunct Faculty
Patrick Bass Adjunct Faculty
Frank Bevacqua Base Record Exempt
Mizraim Carrion Rios Adjunct Faculty
Roberta  (RJ) Castaneda Office Assistant, VP Academic Affairs (480) 732-7217 Pecos MSQ164
John Caterino III Base Record Exempt
Hannah Cheloha Adjunct Faculty (480) 461-7031
Regina Clauschee Base Record Non Exempt
Alain De La Cruz Base Record - Exempt
Emogene deGrasse Base Record Exempt
James Dupey Base Record Exempt
Megan Elston Adjunct Faculty
Lenore Espinoza Information Clerk (480) 732-7067 Pecos EST116R
Simon Gilkes Base Record Exempt
Treva Gilmore Base Record Exempt
Khrisna Greene Sr Adjunct Faculty
James Hall Base Record Exempt
Larry Hansen III Adjunct Faculty
Laura Housley Base Record - Exempt
Andrew James Adjunct Faculty
Wayne Jenson Adjunct Faculty
Elizabeth Johnson Adjunct Faculty
Anthony Klenner Base Record Non Exempt
Gina Lee Adjunct Faculty
Steven Logan Base Record Exempt
Maren Mascarelli Adjunct Faculty
Adam McCoy Adjunct Faculty
Scott Menor Base Record Exempt
Samuel Merrill Adjunct Faculty
Brad Miller Base Record Exempt
Kelvin Nicholas Adjunct Faculty
Andrea O'Brien Base Record Exempt
Erica Ocegueda Base Record Exempt
Twyla Olsen Adjunct Faculty
Barry Orletsky Base Record Exempt
Sylvia Orr Vice President, Academic Affairs (Interim) (480) 732-7014 Pecos MSQ165
Samuel Parry Adjunct Faculty
Gloria Pearson Adjunct Faculty
Tia Perkin Base Record - Nonexempt
Kristina Pham Adjunct Faculty
Phyllis Rettke Base Record Exempt
Nathan Riggs Adjunct Faculty
Scott Robinson Base Record Exempt
Josue Sanchez Adjunct Faculty
Cassandra Schupp Adjunct Faculty
Beverly Smith-Dawson Adjunct Faculty
Ryan Sullivan Base Record Exempt
Candice Thomas Base Record Exempt
Christopher Tiller Base Record Exempt
Theodore Tindall Base Record Exempt
Genevieve Toutain Adjunct Faculty
Lauren Tucci Base Record - Exempt
Federica Turriziani Colonna Base Record Exempt
Janet Vanegas Base Record Exempt
Denny Voreck Adjunct Faculty
Christina Waddell Adjunct Faculty (480) 831-7442
Bonnie Welsh Administrative Assistant I,  VP Academic Affairs (480) 732-7014 Pecos MSQ172
Jamie Willeford Adjunct Faculty
Raequi Wilson Base Record Exempt
Shenice Wright Adjunct Faculty
Administration of Justice
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Ivan Kaminsky Adjunct Faculty
Tiffany Redies Adjunct Faculty
Administrative Services
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Susan Kuzmik Administrative Assistant I (480) 726-4115 Pecos MSQ171
Trina Larson Project Coordinator, Administrative Services (480) 732-7222 Pecos MSQ174 Web
Admissions and Records
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Averi Avelar Admissions and Records Technician II (480) 732-7165 Pecos CYT1121.17
Lorene Copetillo Coordinator, Student Services, Admissions and Records (480) 732-7180 Pecos CYT1121.15 Web
Joshua Dubbs-Nadeau Temp Level 2 (480) 726-4234 Pecos CYT1121.45
Reyes Gallegos Work Study Student Level 3
Nancy Harrison Admissions and Records Technician II (480) 732-7108 Pecos CYT1121.13
Noah Howells Temp Level 2
Vianny Ortiz Temporary  Level 3 Pecos CYT
Tiana Robbins Admissions and Records Technician I (480) 646-4212 Pecos CYT1169.02
Elizabeth Scott Temp Level 2
Linda Shaw Director, Admissions (480) 732-7307 Pecos CYT1121.25
Irvin Smith Admissions, Registration and Records Service Representative Pecos CYT1121.43
Rebekah Ward Admissions, Registration and Records,  Service Representative (480) 732-7308 Pecos CYT
Pam Yabeny Temp Level 2 (480) 731-8032
Agency Temp
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Ken Sawitzke Agency Temp
Gail Seibolt Agency Temp
Anthony Vidale Agency Temp
Applied Sciences
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Anthony McPherson Substitute Pay Inst
Arts and Sciences
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Linda Barnes Educational Development
Christine Beckman Educ Dev Pro Gro Proj Sum Com (480) 461-7192
Kristy Booth Science Lab Technician (480) 726-4105 Pecos SAG107
George Brooks Jr Instructional Project Develop
Matthew Carey Work Study Student Level 3
Christine Cline Executive Secretary, Dean of Arts and Sciences (480) 732-7361 Pecos LIB242R
Hansa Done Instructional Project Develop
Guadalupe Encinia Jr Base Record Non Exempt (480) 726-4231
Aaron Frisby Temp Level 3
Catherine Giles Science Lab Technician (480) 988-8237 Pecos SAG107
Julie Holston Instructional Consultant (602) 243-8267
Terri Lange Science Lab Technician (480) 726-4128 Pecos SAG107
Jay Linford II Work Study Student Level 3
Vivian Miranda-Strawbridge Director of Student and Educational Services (480) 732-7100 Pecos CYT2111.07
Vy Nguyen Student Level 4
Chris Schnick Dean, Arts and Sciences (480) 732-7274 Pecos LIB242 Web
Japheth Schreur Temporary Level 2
Lawrence Smith Work Study Student Level 3
Elizabeth Taylor Work Study Student Level 4
Danielle Tenney Temp Level 1
Michael Thomas Science Lab Coordinator (480) 732-7218 Pecos IRN211
Kendrick Thornton Student Level 4
Thomas Tuoti Temporary Level 1
Arts and Sciences-SciLab
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Jenae Owens Science Lab Tech (480) 988-8010
Assessment Testing
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Bilkis Akhter Temp Level 2
Heather Elliott Testing Technician (480) 732-7159 Pecos CYT2131 Web
Cadence Gebauer Temp Level 2
Kathleen Minder Temporary Level 2
Bethany Moncivaiz Coordinator, Testing (480) 732-7386 Pecos CYT2111.34 Web
Frank Perkins Temp Level 2
Monika Rajyaguru Temp Level 2
Ashley Scott Temp Level 2 (602) 286-8930
Michael Wise Temp Level 2
Franklin Woodford Jr Temp Level 2
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Jonathan Berzins Athletic Specialist, Soccer Coach (480) 688-4341 Pecos CYT2347
James Boyd Asst Basketball Coach
Michael Campbell Asst Baseball Softball Coach
Ethne Cox Administrative Secretary II, Athletics (480) 732-7073 Pecos CYT2341
Linda Guariglio Athletic Trainer (480) 732-7003 Pecos CYT1346
Chantal King Trainer - Basketball Pecos CYT1346
Russell Luce Assistant Athletic Director, Head Baseball Coach (480) 732-7364 Pecos CYT2345
Alton Mason Asst Basketball Coach
Patricia Melfy Base Record Exempt
Mary Morton Work Study Student Level 4
David Pankenier Baseball and Softball Assistant Pecos
Kerry Reeder Baseball Softball Coach Asst
Roberto Renteria Jr Asst Soccer Coach
Stephen Silsby Athletic Spec
Alyssa Sutton Base Record Non Exempt
Hannah Tautolo Base Record Non Exempt
Benjamin Taylor Athletic Director Baseball
Suzannah Toresdahl Temp Level 3
Mark Underwood Base Record Non Exempt
Adam Wagner Baseball Softball Coach Asst
Cassandra Yancy Head Women's Basketball Coach (480) 732-7357 Pecos CYT2346 Web
Edward Yeager Athletic Director (480) 732-7177 Pecos CYT2343
Aviation and Applied Technology
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Lineill Adams Adjunct Faculty Pecos Web
Lou Amadee Adjunct Faculty Williams
Lynn Arouh Police Recruit Instructors
Joseph Baldwin Adjunct Faculty Williams
Tanner Barron Adjunct Faculty Williams
Bryan Becker Adjunct Faculty Williams
Kenna Belling ESS Educational Services Williams
Mark Bentley Adjunct Faculty Williams
Tyler Birdsall ESS Educational Services Williams
Brandon Briggs Adjunct Faculty Williams
Kevin Broderick Adjunct Faculty Williams
Alex Brown ESS Educational Services Williams
Teresa Busby Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Taylor Butterfield Adjunct Faculty
Gavin Charoenmin Student Level 3
Cynthia Clark Administrative Secretary III, Aviation and Applied Technology (480) 988-8103 Williams BLUF110A
Joseph Collins Adjunct Faculty Williams
Joseph Costello Temporary Level 1 (480) 988-8121 Williams
Allen Cox Adjunct Faculty Williams
Rene Curry Adjunct Faculty Williams
Patrick Daugherty Jr Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Kathryn Doggett Temporary Level 1 Williams
Stacy Elliott Adjunct Faculty Williams
Mohamed El-Sharkawy Adjunct Faculty (480) 693-7311 Williams BLUF
Thomas Estabrook Adjunct Faculty
Alison Ferrante Adjunct Faculty (602) 739-1207 Pecos
Austin Fiereck Work Study Student Level 3
Rex Ginder Director of Training UND/AZ (Flight Program) (480) 988-8221 Williams Hgr46
Donald Heflin Adjunct Faculty Williams
Susan Holliefield Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Jeffrey Holt Student Level 3
John Hudson Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Clarence Hutto Aviation Faculty (480) 988-8116 Williams BLUF110H
Joseph Janiga Adjunct Faculty Williams
Scott Johnson Adjunct Faculty Williams
William Julian Jr Aviation Faculty (480) 988-8759 Williams BLUF110K
Karim Kassum Adjunct Faculty Williams
Bashir Khalil Aviation Faculty (480) 988-8112 Williams BLUF108A
Peter Kretowski Adjunct Faculty
Katrina Kugler Adjunct Faculty Williams
Leon Kutzke Administration of Justice Studies Faculty (480) 732-7058 Pecos EST238 Web
Jonathon Lassak Adjunct Faculty Williams
Andrew Lembo Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Brandon Loghry Adjunct Faculty Williams
Benjamin Lunstrum ESS Educational Services Williams
Clayton Marr Adjunct Faculty Williams
Emil Martan Adjunct Faculty Williams
Michael Mavity Adjunct Faculty Williams
Connor Maxwell Adjunct Faculty Williams
Sean McClain ESS Educational Services Williams
Jacqueline McClanahan Adjunct Faculty (480) 201-3118 Pecos Web
Michael McCloskey Division Chair, Aviation and Applied Technology (480) 988-8127 Williams BLUF110B Web
Megan McMichael Adjunct Faculty Williams
Gregory Millard Adjunct Faculty (602) 876-7206 Pecos
Kaylene Miller Adjunct Faculty Williams
Charles Morgan Aviation Faculty (480) 988-8104 Williams BLUF110G
Esayas Netsanet Tool Room Technician (480) 988-8120 Williams BLUF128 Web
Tyler Norton ESS Educational Services Williams
Michael Palmer Adjunct Faculty (480) 234-5404 Williams
Daniel Pena Student Level 3 Williams
Leroy Peprah Adjunct Faculty Williams
Rodney Peterson Adjunct Faculty Williams BLUF
David Phares Adjunct Faculty Williams
Eddie Reyes Student Worker Level 4 Williams
David Reynolds Adjunct Faculty Williams
Donald Riordan Base Record - Exempt Williams
Gregory Roorda Jr Adjunct Faculty Williams
Allen Sapp Aviation Faculty (480) 988-8178 Williams BLUF110F
Matthew Schlotthauer ESS Educational Services Williams
Cameron Schmidt Adjunct Faculty (206) 930-6044 Williams
Donald Schneidmiller Adjunct Faculty (480) 732-7006 Pecos
Mackenzie Scott Adjunct Faculty Williams
Andrew Shank Adjunct Faculty Williams
Everett Sharp Adjunct Faculty Williams
Karl Sheldon Adjunct Faculty  Williams
Eric Snyder Aviation Faculty (480) 988-8182 Williams BLUF110J Web
Daniel Stockdale Adjunct Faculty Williams
Donald Swanson Adjunct Faculty Williams
Loyd Tate Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Eric Terry Adjunct Faculty Williams
James Thiessen Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Nicholas Turoski Aviation Lab Technician (480) 988-8114 Williams BLUF151
Andrew Wainwright Adjunct Faculty Williams
Mark Weaver Electric Utility Technology Faculty (480) 988-8255 Williams EGEL222
Margaret Zuccaro Administrative Secretary lll,  Law Enforcement Training Academy / Fire Science (480) 988-8755 Williams BAYLSouth 157
Aviation and Applied Technology - LETA
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Michael Armentrout Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Robb Ashcroft Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Jason Barnes Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Douglas Beatty Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Jalyn Bellows Police Recruit Instructors  Williams
Michael Bellows Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Eric Berner Police Recruit Instructor Williams
Michael Bishop Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Daniel Boone Law Enforcement Training Academy Williams
Timothy Brown Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Darren Bryant Police Recruit Instructor Williams
Terry Burchett Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Deanna Cantrell Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Keith Carroll Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Tina Christy Law Enforcement Training Academy Williams
Diana Vaughn Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Danielle Collinwood Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Heather Conner Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Sean Conner Police Recruit Instructor Williams
Scott Coody Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Frank Costantini Police Recruit Instructor Williams
Lane Darling Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Stephanie Derivan Police Recruit Instructor Williams
Gary Duplissis Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Chad Ecalono Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Jon Eliason Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Robert Fuller Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Samuel Garday Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Ivan Gelo Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Michael Guardado Police Recruit Instructor Williams
Thomas Gussie Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Tanya Harris Police Recruit Instructor Williams
Russell Haynes Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Trevor Honomichl Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Gregory Howarth Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Jeffrey Jacobs Police Recruit Instructor Williams
Gregg Jacquin Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Robby Jones Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Livier Kacic Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Richard Kelly Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Jonathan Klingler Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Paul Kultala Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Christopher Kush Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Nicole Lathrop Law Enforcement Training Academy Williams
Gina McAlister Police Recruit Instructor Williams
Diana McLaws Law Enforcement Training Academy Williams
Jacquelin Mead Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Troy Messina Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Dennis Metzler Police Recruit Instructor Williams
John Meza Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Michael Mills Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Scott Montana Law Enforcement Training Academy Williams
Michael Moore Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Cynthia Nannetti Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Jeffrey Neese Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Jamie O'Connell Police Recruit Instructor Williams
Robert Olson Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Jeffrey Penrose Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Preston Pierce Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Daniel Pringle Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Joel Reynolds Base Record Non Exempt Williams
Laurie Russo Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Arturo Salazar Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Brandon Schilling Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Matthew Slaughter Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Steven Stahl Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Michael Stewart Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Jonathan Terpay Coordinator (LETA) (480) 988-8756 Williams BAYL156
John Thompson Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Arlyn Walz Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Donald Yennie Jr Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Jason Zdilla Police Recruit Instructor Williams
Timothy Zehring Police Recruit Instructors Williams
Biological Sciences
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Maria Lucrecia Alvarez Adjunct Faculty Williams EGEL114,116
Aaron Arreola Adjunct Faculty
Adebiyi Banjoko Biology Faculty (480) 988-8507 Williams THOM115
Clint Beauer Adjunct Faculty
David Beck Adjunct Faculty Web
Crystal Blake Adjunct Faculty
Wendy Madison Adjunct Faculty Pecos SAG
Nicole Boerboom Adjunct Faculty (630) 660-4436
Marissa Boomgaard Adjunct Faculty (480) 472-0894
Joel Brame Biology Faculty (480) 988-8634 Williams EGEL207 Web
Brittney Caldwell Base Record Non Exempt
Camille DiScala Biology Faculty (480) 732-7299 Pecos EST135 Web
Daryl Dubas Adjunct Faculty
Polly Foureman Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology Faculty (480) 726-4064 Pecos EST111
Osama Gani Adjunct Faculty
Kimberly Greer Adjunct Faculty
Trina Heppard Adjunct Faculty
Kelly Hiett Biology Faculty (480) 726-4133 Pecos GIL132
Jacqueline Hunter Adjunct Faculty
Sameer Jazrawi Adjunct Faculty Williams THOM103
Adam Johnson Adjunct Faculty
Frank Knabe Adjunct Faculty
Jamie Konatske Adjunct Faculty
Eric Kratzer Adjunct Faculty
Melanie Lyon Adjunct Faculty
Thomas McNeilis Adjunct Faculty
Leon Moak Base Record Exempt
Regina Munro Division Chair,  Biological Sciences (480) 732-7109 Pecos EST109
Brandon Navarro Adjunct Faculty
Bruce Oberstein Adjunct Faculty
Myrna Orozco Biology Faculty (480) 988-8508 Williams EGEL220
Shilpa Parekh Adjunct Faculty
Shannon Prince Adjunct Faculty
Pushpa Ramakrishna Biology Faculty (480) 732-7219 Pecos EST203 Web
Amanda Roberson Adjunct Faculty
Alexandra Santa Cruz Administrative Secretary III (480) 726-4134 Pecos EST117W
Sheila Scanlan Adjunct Faculty Web
Don Selvey Adjunct Faculty
Cristi Sims Adjunct Faculty
Swathi Sridharakrishnan Adjunct Faculty
Julie Thompson Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Emel Topal Adjunct Faculty Williams EGEL118
Barbara Torrey Adjunct Faculty Williams
Jeffrey Unterkofler Adjunct Faculty Web
Robin Wehrle Adjunct Faculty
Karen Wellner Biology Faculty (480) 726-4111 Pecos EST109
Crystal White Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Biology Sciences
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Kimberley Patterson Educ Dev Pro Gro Proj Sum Com (480) 732-7037
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John Austin Adjunct Faculty (480) 731-8759
Business and Computing Studies
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Beth Anderson-Nuneviller Business Faculty (480) 857-5134 Pecos EST134
Eileen Archibald Adjunct Faculty (602) 285-7870
Patricia Baker Computer Science/CIS Faculty (480) 732-7392 Pecos EST227 Web
Nicolette Boessling Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Thomas Boylan Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Randy Bulriss Substitute Pay Inst
Angela Cazel-Jahn Adjunct Faculty
Christopher Chang Adjunct Faculty
Scott Crooker Adjunct Faculty (480) 246-2317 Pecos
Huff Dean (Jerry) Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Matthew Fisher Business Faculty (480) 857-5538 Pecos EST204
Sidney Ford Accounting Faculty (480) 732-7041 Pecos EST133
Tommy Foster Division Chair, Business and Computing Studies (480) 732-7179 Pecos EST118
Nina Francone Adjunct Faculty
Cynthia Franklin Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Jonathan Garza Adjunct Faculty (480) 732-7245 Pecos
Librado Garza Business Faculty (480) 732-7211 Pecos EST127
Margaret Goetz Adjunct Faculty Pecos Web
Jamie Goff Adjunct Faculty
Margie Gomez Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Barbara Gonzalez Adjunct Faculty (602) 243-8044
Deidre Grafel Computer Information Systems Faculty (480) 857-5207 Pecos EST105
Jill Grundy Adjunct Faculty (480) 732-7043 Pecos
Lillian Habeich Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Dilshad Haleem Adjunct Faculty (480) 287-0258 Pecos
Raymond Hedgecock Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Daniel Henderson Adjunct Faculty (480) 720-8779 Pecos
Mark Homewood Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Wade Huber Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Jill Hudson Adjunct Faculty (480) 369-4802 Pecos
Kathleen Hunter BPC/Business Faculty (480) 732-7145 Pecos EST236
Brett Ingraham Adjunct Faculty (602) 510-7441
Ashley Jacobson Adjunct Faculty (206) 251-4627 Pecos
Rameen Khaliqi Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Kelvin Kupfer Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Charlene Lawson Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Kin Liang Educational Development
Michael Liebner Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Ann Lopez Adjunct Faculty (480) 239-3173 Pecos
Jeffrey Mackey Adjunct Faculty (480) 788-5046
Nicki Maines Residential Faculty (480) 732-7394 Pecos EST129
Robert McCanless Adjunct Faculty Pecos
James McGraw Adjunct Faculty (480) 279-1840 Pecos Web
Shirley Miller BPC Faculty (480) 732-7133 Pecos EST231 Web
Robert O'Toole Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Steven Payne Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Thomas Pearson CIS Faculty (480) 726-4131 Pecos EST204
Larry Perkins Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Michael Powell Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Nicole Ramirez Adjunct Faculty
Marianne Ramsey Temporary Office Support  (Business and Computing Studies) (480) 726-4137 Pecos EST119
Prema Rayappa Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Craig Reeds Adjunct Faculty Williams
Willie Richardson Adjunct Faculty Pecos Web
Neil Riley Adjunct Faculty (480) 294-7010
Dwayne Roberts Adjunct Faculty (480) 732-7043 Pecos
John Sachs Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Beth Schneider Adjunct Faculty (602) 769-2340 Pecos
Kevin Sebesta Adjunct Faculty (623) 252-3498
Arne Soerensen Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Tracey Sotelo Adjunct Faculty (602) -364-0253 Pecos
Janet Spears Adjunct Faculty (480) 821-1647 Web
Richard Spears Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Joan Speshock Adjunct Faculty (602) 909-4070 Pecos
Jason St. Gelais Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Susan Stephensen Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Sara Story Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Greg Swan Faculty (GBS, SBU and SSH) (480) 732-7088 Pecos EST123
Thanh Truong Adjunct Faculty Williams
Cathy Urbanski BPC Faculty, OE/OE Coordinator (480) 732-7011 Pecos EST128
Linda Watson CIS Faculty, Cisco Coordinator (480) 732-7191 Pecos EST130 Web
Brenda Whillock Administrative Secretary III, Business and Computing Studies (480) 732-7043 Pecos EST119
Cindie Wisener Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Melissa Zabor Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Career and Tech Education
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Ronald Harness Sci Instruct Tech Lab Tech
Nazifa Hasan Temp Level 2 (480) 988-8758
Career and Technical Education
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Monica Carlson Temp Level 2
Matthew Clark Coordinator, Instructional Programs - EMT/Firescience (480) 988-8101 Williams BAYL151
Kathy Crossley Administrative Assistant I, Dean of Career and Technical Education (480) 988-8601 Williams BLUF102 Web
Jenny Ekern Career Coach Williams BLUF128
Gabriel Gerbic Fitness Center Floor Supv
Maria Reyes Dean, Career and Technical Education (480) 726-4097 Williams BLUF102
Rolando Vazquez Jr. Temp Level 2
Lisa Zelasko Admin Asst I (480) 988-8176
Career and Technical Education - Wellness
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James Collica Work Study Student Level 4
Ryan Conroy Fitness Ctr Tech
Carrie Silsby Fitness Ctr Tech
Career Placement
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Aaron Bernal Student Level 4
Nicolas Contreras Perez Student Level 4
Alejandro Fernandez Olivo Student Level 4
Jesus Lomeli Gonzalez Student Level 4
Farah Maaliki Student Level 4
Chad Teruya Student Level 4
Career Services
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Emilia Contreras Student Level 4
Zoya Oyzerovich Work Study Student
Alexandria Tonnochy Work Study Student Level 3
Chantal VanKlompenberg Student Level 3,  Office Support Pecos CYT
Greg Wojtovich Program Advisor, Career and Placement Services (480) 857-5213 Pecos CYT1171.32 Web
Center for Teaching and Learning
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Erin Carey Office Coordinator Pecos MSQ
Lesley Cryderman Learning Facilitator (480) 857-5341 Pecos SC161 Web
Michael Curtis Intern - Universal Design (480) 857-5209 Pecos MSQ159 Web
Cali Maryan Office Coordinator III (480) 654-7209 Pecos
Juliane Roybal Director of Instructional Technology and Course Production (480) 726-4240 Pecos SC160
College Employee Services
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Bernadette La Mazza Senior Manager, Human Resources (480) 732-7019 Pecos GIL135
Jacqueline Lucchi HR Assistant III (480) 732-7279 Pecos GIL137
Cindy Moulton Base Record Non Exempt (480) 857-5561
Daniel Rosen Coord Human Resources Svcs (480) 732-7042 Pecos GIL134
College Fiscal Operations
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Kenneth Bingham Temporary Level 2 Pecos CYT
Fabiola Colon Fiscal Technician I (480) 732-7235 Pecos CYT1121.28
De Lois Crumpton Fiscal Technician II (480) 732-7236 Pecos CYT1121.21
Nora deGrasse Temp Level 2
Gabriel Garcia Coordinator, Property Control (480) 732-7284 Pecos PSB114
Sofia Huff Fiscal Technician I (480) 732-7138 Pecos CYT1121.30
Jasmine Mercado Temporary Level 1 Pecos CYT
Sandra Morris Base Record Non Exempt
Christy Murphy Clerk Typist (480) 857-5281 Pecos CYT1121.47
Fred Ostos Receiving Clerk (480) 726-4074 Pecos PSB114 Web
Julie Wright Fiscal Technician II (480) 732-7313 Williams BLUF104
Blanca Zavala Bobadilla Temp Level 2
College Safety
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Nikolaus Arney Public Safety Police Officer
James Henderson Jr Temp Level 2 (248) 895-5066
Tomas Jury Temp Level 2
Krystal Lowder Temp Level 2
Erica Ortega Temp Level 2
Monte Preston II Temp Level 2
College Safety - Williams
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Estella Castillo Temp Level 2
Cristian Reyes Lopez Work Study Student Level 4
Ashanti Thompson Base Record Non Exempt (480) 988-8136
Communication and Fine Arts
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Vance Acker Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Tiffany Andersen Adjunct Faculty (480) 221-7684
Suzanne Atkin Adjunct Faculty Pecos
James Barentine Adjunct Faculty
Cynthia Barragan Romero Adjunct Faculty
Tricia Beckham Adjunct Faculty (480) 731-8866
Megan Besch Base Record Exempt
Ronald Bimrose Substitute Pay Inst (480) 461-7524
Anthony Braaten Communication Faculty (480) 857-5446 Pecos IRN244 Web
Beverly Bullock Box Office Help (PAC) (480) 423-6168 Pecos PAC
Robert Burget Adjunct Faculty Pecos CHO108
Kent Burnham Adjunct Faculty Summer
Sonya Camacho Base Record Non Exempt
Robert Carlson Temp Level 2
Matthew Coleman Adjunct Faculty
Edward Crouch Adjunct Faculty
Alexis Davis Adjunct Faculty (480) 732-7328 Pecos Web
Marcus Denton Music Faculty, Vocal Music Coordinator (480) 732-7144 Pecos PAC103
Quiana Dickenson Adjunct Faculty
Melissa Dion Adjunct Faculty (602) 717-4507
Robert Doherty Communication Faculty (480) 732-7268 Pecos EST102 Web
Timothy Downs Adjunct Faculty (480) 510-8462 Pecos
Chandler Dugger Temp Level 2
Patti Dugger Temporary Level 3 - Costume Shop (PAC) (480) 732-7381 Pecos PAC
Eileen Engle Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Rosa Farmer Adjunct Faculty
Janelle Fehser Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Vivian Ferguson Adjunct Faculty Pecos Web
Megan Fisk Adjunct Faculty
Tom Fitzwater Temp Level 3
Brian Foley Adjunct Faculty
Margaret Francis Adjunct Faculty (480) 732-7232
Theodore Goddard Music Faculty (480) 857-5182 Pecos PAC101 Web
Dahlia Gonzales Administrative Secretary III, Communication and Fine Arts (480) 732-7232 Pecos EST117 Web
Asem Gonzalez Adjunct Faculty
Joshua Gottry Adjunct Faculty (480) 731-8866 Pecos
Robert Grossfeld Adjunct Faculty Pecos CHO202
Keath Hall Instructional Consultant
Pierson Hamilton Adjunct Faculty (480) 734-7205
Nancy Happel Instructional Consultant (602) 787-7271
Madeline  Hodges Ceramic Lab Technician (480) 726-4325 Pecos IRN144 Web
Rayn Hookala Substitute Pay Inst
Autum Hunt Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Iris Ishikawa Administrative Secretary II, Performing Arts (480) 732-7328 Pecos PAC100 Web
Lori Jacquez Administrative Assistant (480) 732-7162 Pecos EST117
Adontin Jaramillo Temporary Level 2 Pecos
Kenny Jezek Instructional Consultant
Ronald Keller PAC Facility Coordinator Pecos PAC129
Sheri Kerr Adjunct Faculty (COM) Pecos
Kelley Kirkpatrick Photography Faculty (480) 732-7291 Pecos EST205
Joseph Kluesener Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Heather Lakey Adjunct Faculty Pecos IRN125
Ryan Lemoine Other (pd from Fund 2) hourly
Tina LePage Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Nicole Levato Temporary Office Support (PAC) (480) 732-7152 Pecos
Candee Lewis Temporary Level 3 (PAC)
Crystal Lewis Adjunct Faculty
Mary Loose Private Instruction - Vocal  (MUP)
Kayla Lucht Adjunct Faculty
Ricardo Maalouf Adjunct Faculty
William Mathis Adjunct Faculty (480) 329-1118
Amanda May Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Karen McCann Accompanist
Cheri McDowell Adjunct Faculty (480) 732-7136 Pecos
Louis Mendoza Substitute Pay Inst
Mitchell Miller Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Tracy Miller Director of Theatre Arts Pecos PAC100.01
Raymond Mitchell Adjunct Faculty
Kayci Monar Life Drawing Model
Mutsumi Mori Accompanist Pecos
Jennifer Nagy Adjunct Faculty (480) 732-7232 Pecos
Sara Newey Accompanist Pecos
Kathy Nichols Adjunct Faculty (480) 710-2193 Pecos
Kathleen O'Mara Art History Faculty (480) 732-7378 Pecos EST137
Alvin Pace Art (Ceramics) Faculty (480) 726-4093 Pecos EST101
August Paglialunga Private Instruction - Vocal
John Parrish Adjunct Faculty
Krista Pearson Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Kaylee Perkins Work Study Student Level 3
Cynthia Peterson-Fimea Adjunct Faculty
Michael Pieczonka Adjunct Faculty
Jeffrey Quamo Other (pd from Fund 2) hourly
Katharine Quarrie Adjunct Faculty
Justin Ramnandan Work Study Student Level 3
Catherine Randall Adjunct Faculty
Lorree Ratto Adjunct Faculty (480) 276-3694
Shalynn Reynolds Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Jennifer Robinson Adjunct Faculty
Patricia Rodgers Substitute Pay Inst
Kaarin Safsten Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Vanessa Sandoval Communication Faculty (480) 732-7267 Pecos EST104 Web
Rita Scholz Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Joya Scott Adjunct Faculty
Erika Sena Life Drawing Model
Diane Travers Shipman Communications Faculty (480) 732-7036 Pecos EST133 Web
Ilir Shtylla Base Record Exempt
Julie Sinykin Adjunct Faculty (480) 213-9021 Web
Regina Skouson Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Kendra Smith Adjunct Faculty
Michael Snyder Accompanist
Jeffrey Stevens Other (Private Instruction - Vocal) (602) 432-8731
Mary Stewart Adjunct Faculty (480) 732-7232 Pecos
Harold  Greg Strange Adjunct Faculty (602) 228-2824 Pecos
Snavely Swaim Other paid from Fund 2 Hrly
Montana Thompson Work Study Student Level 3
Phuc Tran Work Study Student Level 3
Randy Tucker Adjunct Faculty (602) 803-1702 Pecos
Christina Vail Adjunct Faculty
Leo Valverde Adjunct Faculty
Paul Wentz Educational Dev Non Faculty
Melanie Winans Other (pd from Fund 2) hourly
William Wolter Art Faculty (480) 732-7089 Pecos EST131
Danielle Wood Base Record Exempt
Randy Wright Division Chair,  Communication and Fine Arts (480) 732-7290 Pecos EST113
Mariam Zamila Adjunct Faculty
Communication/Fine Arts Div
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Laura Jendza Base Record Exempt
Community Affairs
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Sandra Rosas Base Record Non Exempt
Sara Salim Work Study Student Level 4
Kerri Sepulveda Temp Level 2
Community Development Sites
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Lara Bruner Adjunct Faculty Summer
Composition, Creative Writing, and Literature
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Judith Aldrich Adjunct Faculty
Sara Atwood Adjunct Faculty
Erinn Barnes Adjunct Faculty
Melissa Becker Adjunct Faculty
Scott Bemisdarfer Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Dorothy Benton Adjunct Faculty
Kevin Bliss Adjunct Faculty
Crystal Bloom Adjunct Faculty (480) 390-2245
Patricia Boomsma Adjunct Faculty (602) 456-1491
Kayla Bruce Adjunct Faculty
Alexandra Burack Adjunct Faculty Pecos
James Cahill Adjunct Faculty
Margaret Carter Adjunct Instructor (480) 403-1558
Diane Chardon English Composition (480) 988-8254 Williams EGEL211 Web
Marilyn Collier Adjunct Faculty
Tracy Corbin Adjunct Faculty (480) 385-9891
John Dean Adjunct Faculty
Rosa Ellingson Adjunct Faculty (480) 459-7016
Robin Eubanks Adjunct Faculty
Orleans Faibvre Hall Adjunct Faculty
Miguel Fernandez English Faculty (480) 726-4052 Pecos EST202 Web
David Finley English Faculty (480) 988-8607 Williams EGEL210
Patrick Finn English Faculty (480) 857-5543 Pecos IRN245 Web
Jay Fraser Adjunct Faculty
Amy Furman Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Christopher Hales Adjunct Faculty (480) 732-7126
Soren Hammerschmidt Adjunct Faculty
Megan Hoelting Adjunct Faculty
Heather Horn English Composition (480) 857-5193 Pecos EST210
Tammy Hove Adjunct Faculty (480) 586-5468
Shannon Howard Adjunct Faculty (480) 353-8579
Patti Johnson Adjunct Faculty (480) 732-7015 Pecos GIL125
Rebecca Jolley Adjunct Faculty
Patricia Jordan Adjunct Faculty
Casey Kadavy Adjunct Faculty (480) 732-7126
Amory Kaiser Adjunct Faculty (480) 241-8515
Kathrine Keller Adjunct Faculty
Mona Kelso Developmental Reading (480) 423-6523
Kenneth Kulhawy Adjunct Faculty Summer
Billie Lamkin Adjunct Faculty (480) 732-7126
Heather MacDonald Adjunct Faculty
Kristen MacKenzie Adjunct Faculty
Wendy Matar English Faculty (480) 726-4050 Pecos IRN251
Deborah Matayabas English Faculty (OYO) (480) 821-4430 Pecos
Sharon (Sherry) McCourt Adjunct Faculty Williams EGEL102
Matthew McTeer Adjunct Faculty Williams
Judy Mitchell Adjunct Faculty
Alevtina Moore Adjunct Faculty
Casie Moreland Adjunct Faculty
Teri Moser English & Humanities Faculty (480) 857-5120 Pecos EST103 Web
Matthew Oates Adjunct Faculty
Maryellen Ohrnberger Reading Faculty (480) 726-4112 Pecos EST237
Diane Ortiz-Parsons Adjunct Faculty (480) 236-2795
James Parker Adjunct Faculty (480) 897-0431 Web
Brenda Peterman Adjunct Faculty
Justin Pilla Adjunct Faculty (480) 295-1459 Pecos
Amanda Price Adjunct Faculty
Kristine Pullins Adjunct Faculty
Christopher Reider Division Chair,  Composition, Creative Writing, and Literature (480) 726-4051 Pecos EST213 Web
Yvonne Reineke English Faculty (480) 732-7237 Pecos EST221
Nina Rhorer Adjunct Faculty
Shelly Riccolo Adjunct Faculty
Susan Rockwell Adjunct Faculty
Renee Rude English (480) 732-7029 Pecos IRN248
Jean Schloeman Adjunct Faculty
Shelly Shaffer Adjunct Faculty
JoAnna Shaughnessy Adjunct Faculty (480) 235-4008
Tricia Sindel-Arrington Reading Faculty (480) 648-8330 Pecos EST225
Anna Smeraldo Adjunct Instructor
Franklene Smith Administrative Secretary III, Composition, Creative Writing, and Literature (480) 732-7126 Pecos EST217W
Kenneth Sorensen Adjunct Faculty
Deborah Stewart Adjunct Faculty (602) 670-0637
Caryl Terrell-Bamiro English Faculty (480) 732-7134 Pecos EST206
Jessica Thibodeau Adjunct Faculty
Donna Thompson English Faculty (480) 857-5534 Pecos AGA1377 Web
Kathy Thompson Clerk Typist (480) 732-7059 Pecos EST217
Malick Toms English Faculty (480) 726-4098 Pecos EST208
Bryan Van Ginhoven Adjunct Faculty
Jamie Volker Adjunct Faculty
Geoffrey Way Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Iris Weiss Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Keziah Tinkle-Williams English Faculty (480) 726-4125 Pecos AGA1376
Patrick Williams English Faculty (480) 857-5007 Pecos AGA1378 Web
Michelle Wotowiec Adjunct Faculty
Mary Zimmerer Reading Faculty (480) 857-5441 Pecos IRN259 Web
Mathew Zimmerer Adjunct Faculty
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Ginger Montague Adjunct Faculty
Daphne Phillips Base Record Exempt
Criminal Justice
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William Crowley Occupational Prog Dir (602) -285-7383
Robert Pelletier Adjunct Faculty
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Mardy Coronado Administrative Assistant (480) 732-7018 Pecos LIB243 Web
Michelle Revie Curriculum Technician (480) 732-7094 Pecos LIB243
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Scott Sefranka Temp Level 2
Dean of Arts & Sciences
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Elizabeth Taylor Work Study Student Level 4
Developmental Education
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Cheyenne Harden Temp Level 3 (480) 726-4229
Alisa Phillips Base Record Non Exempt (480) 646-4231
DL Teaching and Learning
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Robert Curtis Adjunct Faculty Summer
Dual Enrollment
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Yessica Avitia Santos Work Study Student Level 4
Carol Crane Coordinator   (Notary)  (480) 732-7114 Pecos CYT1171.38 Web
Marina Giovannini Coordinator, Dual Enrollment Pecos CYT1121.44 Web
Patryk Jablonski Work Study Student Level 4
Julie Moberly Temporary Office Support Pecos CYT1171.03
Evan Shaw Student Services Specialist (480) 732-7062 Pecos CYT1171.01
Early Outreach Programs (Ace Plus Program and Hoop of Learning Program)
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Carrian Dehiya Student Services Specialist, Early Outreach (480) 732-7255 Pecos CYT2111.10 Web
Laura Matyas Director, Early Outreach Programs (480) 732-7205 Pecos CYT2111.11 Web
Milla Oyzerovich Work Study Student Level 4
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Joanne Krueger Adjunct Faculty
Enrollment Services
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Emily Bluestein Temporary Level 3 (602) 286-8170 Pecos CYT1121.53
Ernesto Bracamonte Student Services Specialist (480) 732-7253 Pecos CYT1171.40
Lori Brooks Student Services Specialist Pecos CYT1171.19
Ryan Cain Coordinator, Enrollment Services (480) 732-7044 Pecos CYT1171.17
Carlos Caraballo Work Study Student Level 4
Laura Carrillo Student Services Specialist (480) 732-7303 Pecos CYT1171.23
Alexandra Enyart Work Study Student Level 4
David Fosburgh Student Services Specialist (480) 726-4226 Pecos CYT1110
Nicole Glass Temp Level 3
Erlinda Gonzalez Temp Level 3 (480) 517-8618
Fatemeh Hatami Student Services Specialist (480) 384-9333 Communiversity
Kathryn Herbert Temporary Level 3
Daniel Herbst Dean, Student Affairs (480) 732-7120 Pecos CYT1147 Web
Adrienne Hicks Executive Secretary I, Dean of Student Affairs (480) 732-7184 Pecos CYT1145
Maria Holder Temp Level 2 Williams BLUF101F
Thomas Hudson Student Services Specialist Pecos CYT1171.20
Lisa Marucci Student Services Specialist Communiversity
Wendera Phung Student Svcs Spec (480) 726-4142
Juwanta Steed Student Services Specialist (480) 726-4144 Pecos CYT1171.42
Alison Travis Student Services Specialist (480) 726-4047 Pecos CYT1171.44
Michael Walker Temp Level 1
Pamela Williams Student Services Specialist (480) 857-5451 Pecos CYT1171.18
Timothy Wolsey Director of Financial Aid (480) 732-7125 Pecos CYT1121.23
ESS Educational Services
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Christopher Adams ESS Educational Services
Scott Baker ESS Educational Services
Cindy Ballantyne ESS Educational Services
Courtney Bamford ESS Educational Services
Courtney Biller ESS Educational Services
Kathryn Black ESS Educational Services
James Brown ESS Educational Services
Jacob Canty ESS Educational Services
Nicholas Chaplin ESS Educational Services
Robert Conley ESS Educational Services
Crystal Contreras ESS Educational Services
Earl Cordovez ESS Educational Services
Curtis Crandall ESS Educational Services
Penny Dapser ESS Educational Services
Aaron Dietz ESS Educational Services
Nicole Enfield ESS Educational Services
Kenneth Fitzgerald ESS Educational Services
Silas Gadd ESS Educational Services
Paul Goffinet ESS Educational Services
Austin Harvey ESS Educational Services
Ashley Hopf ESS Educational Services
Taylor Izard ESS Educational Services
Dan Kriedeman ESS Educational Services
Kathryn Lynch ESS Educational Services
Brett McKinney ESS Educational Services
Leona Mensay ESS Educational Services
Sean Mortensen ESS Educational Services
Wendy Nance ESS Educational Services
Dennis Nelson ESS Educational Services
Brittany Ortiz ESS Educational Services
Margaret Ortiz-Moan ESS Educational Services
Mary Ory ESS Educational Services
Missy Palrang ESS Educational Services
Rebecca Paulsen Bell ESS Educational Services
Halana Perkins ESS Educational Services
Dominic Ponce ESS Educational Services
August Ralston ESS Educational Services
Desmond Reedy ESS Educational Services
Sarah Richardson ESS Educational Services
Harley Sifontes ESS Educational Services
Dennis Slade ESS Educational Services
Corey Stevenson ESS Educational Services
Jamie Timmerman ESS Educational Services
Rosa Voyles ESS Educational Services Williams Hgr
Tatiana Walsh ESS Educational Services (480) 773-4755
David Weeks ESS Educational Services
Terresa Welsh ESS Educational Services
Leonard Zazula ESS Educational Services
Facilities Services
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Andrew Alexander Electrician (602) 787-7807
Margarita Ayala Custodian I Pecos FSB103
Ralph Baldenegro Lead Groundskeeper (480) 732-7168 Pecos FSB103
Otilia Blue Custodian I Pecos FSB103
Lorenzo Cardenas Custodian  I Pecos FSB103
Alberta Carrasco Custodian I Williams FACB
Daniel Curtis Utility Worker
Joshua Doddroe Building Maintenance Technician (480) 857-5521 Pecos FSB103
Eugene Esquer Utility Worker Pecos FSB
Gary Freeman Lead Custodian II (480) 857-5438 Pecos FSB103 Web
Ana Galvan Custodian I Pecos FSB103 Web
Salvador Guerrero Painter Pecos FSB103
Maria Hernandez Custodian II Pecos FSB103
Flavio Ibarra Groundskeeper I
Arturo Lara Custodian I Pecos FSB103
Carl Little Custodian I Pecos FSB
Maria Lopez Custodian I Pecos FSB103
Lauro Lopez Utility Worker Pecos FSB103 Web
Mario Mansiet Groundskeeper I Pecos FSB103
Richard Paradis Base Record Non Exempt (480) 726-4148 Pecos FSB103
Robert Ploof Groundskeeper Williams FACB
Charles Poure Director, College Facilities Planning and Development (480) 726-4140 Pecos FSB100
Armida Ramirez Office Coordinator II, Facilities Services (480) 732-7285 Pecos FSB103 Web
Xavier Romero Custodian I Pecos FSB
William Strothers Custodian I Pecos FSB
Juan Valdez HVAC Maintenance Technician (480) 732-7166 Pecos FSB102 Web
Facilities Services - Williams
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Daniel Avila HVAC Maintenance Technician (480) 988-8146 Williams FACB102
Bawden Barney Lead Custodian I (480) 988-8230 Williams FACB101A
John Boyer Custodian I Williams FACB101
Linda Costello Custodian I Williams FACB101
James Foley Custodian Williams FACB101
Robert Howard Carpenter (480) 988-8152 Williams FACB102
Miguel Jimenez Hernandez Custodian I Williams FACB101
Jaime Lopez Building Maintenance Technician (480) 988-8157 Williams FACB102
Timothy McHenry Manager, Building Operations, Williams Campus (480) 988-8151 Williams FACB103 Web
Delia Rios Custodian I Williams FACB101
Finance and Business Services
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Julie Johns College Budget Analyst (480) 732-7332 Pecos BRD160
Bradley Kendrex Vice President, Administrative Services (480) 732-7379 Pecos MSQ175
Christine Scott Budget Analyst II (480) 726-4143 Pecos BRD160
Financial Aid
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Laura Green Work Study Student Level 4
Joan Kraszewski Student Services Specialist (480) 726-4232 Pecos CYT1121.26
Melissa (Missy) Myers Financial Aid Technician II (480) 732-7304 Pecos CYT1121.24
Christen Pingree Financial Aid Technician II (480) 726-6233 Pecos CYT1121.20
Donna Pisano Financial Aid Tech II (480) 988-8167 Williams BLUF
Melissa Roybal-Anaya Financial Aid Technician III (480) 732-7390 Pecos CYT1121.22 Web
Andrea Strouse Temp Level 2
Rosa Valdiviezo-Ibarra Financial Aid Assistant Pecos CYT1121.40
Jessica Winandy Temporary Level 2 Pecos CYT
Carmen Zavala Temp Level 2
Health Care Programs
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Michelle Greene Other paid from Fund 2 stipend
Paulette Jones Non Credit (602) 238-0064
Honors Program
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Yadira Duran Base Record Non Exempt
Hector Gamez Ibarra Work Study Student Level 4
Joseph Gonzalez Work Study Student Level 3 Pecos
Deborah Wilson Office Coordinator, Honors Program (480) 732-7189 Pecos CYT1171-37
Information Technology & Media Services
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Cyril Azoulay Systems Administrator II (480) 726-4120 Pecos LIB212 Web
David Badame Audiovisual Maintenance Technician (480) 988-8153 Williams BLUF127 Web
Cory Bartlett Audiovisual Technician (480) 732-7335 Pecos LIB203 Web
Michael Berry II Director of Systems & Infrastructure (480) 732-7220 Pecos LIB211 Web
Gary Braden Client Support Analyst Pecos LIB238
Brien Dieterle Systems Administrator II (480) 732-7271 Pecos LIB214 Web
Matthew Healy Computer Maint Tech Pecos LIB216
Lawrence Hernandez Audiovisual Maintenance Technician (480) 732-7397 Pecos LIB207 Web
Scott Leonard Systems Administrator I (480) 857-5204 Pecos LIB212
Michael Lucas Audiovisual Technician (480) 857-5202 Pecos LIB204
Douglas Noble Computer Equipment Lead Technician (480) 988-8802 Williams BLUF131 Web
Charles Nwankwo Vice President, Information Technology and Media Services (480) 732-7020 Pecos MSQ170
Roy Pope Coordinator, Video Production (480) 732-7107 Pecos LIB207
Rhonda Reid Expeditor Assistant Buyer (480) 732-7215 Pecos BRD160 Web
Angel Riccelli Computer Maintenance Technician Pecos LIB206
David Rodriguez Audio Video Technician (480) 732-7233 Pecos LIB204
Kareem Santiesteban Help Desk Analyst (480) 732-7149 Pecos LIB236
Vincent (Vinny) Scalisi Manager,  Desktop Support (480) 732-7057 Pecos LIB208 Web
Keith Scherb Computer Maintenance Technician (480) 732-7287 Pecos LIB216
Ron Slamka Manager, Application Development (480) 732-7026 Pecos LIB209
David Smith Help Desk Manager (480) 726-4118 Pecos LIB238
Michael Tracey Computer Maintenance Technician (480) 988-8820 Williams BLUF132
Elra Ward Audiovisual Technician (480) 732-7113 Pecos LIB204
Scott Wickham Systems Application Analyst (480) 732-7244 Pecos LIB212 Web
Brett Yost Computer Maintenance Technician Pecos LIB206
Diane Yost Web Technician (480) 726-4068 Pecos LIB207
Instruction-Academic Affairs
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Danielle Carlock Adjunct Faculty (480) 425-6765
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Thomas Roche Adjunct Faculty
Instructional Computing
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Joni Brummer Director, Computer Lab/Instructional Services (480) 732-7226 Pecos BRD126
Jeffrey Buker Temporary Level  2
Heather Frengley Learning Associate, Computer Lab (480) 732-7353 Pecos BRD123 Web
Stephanie Goff Temporary Level  2
Parker Grundy Temp Level 2
Michael Higgins Student Level  4
Rachael Lawless Temporary Level  2
Jason Nebeker Temp Level 2
Jackson Nguyen Temp Level 2
Michael Shine Jr Computer Lab Technician (480) 988-8279 Williams BRID107
Brandon Vaca Work Study Student Level 4
Brian Wahnon Base Record - Nonexempt
Instructional Support
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Linda Buchanan Information Clerk, Ironwood Hall (408) 726-4348 Pecos IRN252 Web
Pattiann DeGrasse Temp Level 1 (480) 732-7067
Deborah Swauger-Anderson Temporary Office Assistant, Gila Hall (480) 857-5545 Pecos GIL Web
International Education Program
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Savoi Cunningham Work Study Student Level 4
Celida Garcia Office Support - Front Desk Pecos CYT
Annie Jimenez Director, International Education Program (480) 732-7391 Pecos CYT2111.09 Web
Kayla Thu Temporary Office Support (480) 726-4236 Pecos CYT2111.06
Learning Assist Center
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Ernesto Abeytia Student Lrning Facilitator II
Andrew Adjei Student Level - 4
Gina Awanis Student Level 5
Nathaniel Boothe Student Level 3
Jessica Boykin Student Lrning Facilitator II
Janis Bullock Work Study Student Level 3
Jonathan Bushman Student Level 3
Samantha Bushong Student Lrning Facilitator I
Kaysen Butterfield Student Lrning Facilitator I
Christopher Cody Student Lrning Facilitator I
Skye Croke Student Level - 4
Ian Dhuse Student Lrning Facilitator I
Kyle Dolbear Student Level 3
Kevin Dykeman Student Level 3
Carol Edwards Student Lrning Facilitator II (480) 732-7384
Nicholas Falcon Student Level 3
Gregory Fields Student Lrning Facilitator II
Rachel Fisher Student Lrning Facilitator I
Nicholas Fowler Student Lrning Facilitator I
Jesse Friedman Student Level 3
Mohammad Gani Student Lrning Facilitator I
Jennifer Gatto Student Lrning Facilitator II
Kristin Gillette Student Lrning Facilitator I
Adam Graunke Student Level - 3 (480) 855-5819
Timothy Graunke Student Level 3
Sarah Grieve Student Lrning Facilitator II
Baffour Gyamfi Student Level 3
Jennifer Hale Student Lrning Facilitator I
Mark Hauser Student Lrning Facilitator I
Brian Hedger Work Study Student Level 3
Alec Iverson Student Level 3
Alexander Joncas Student Lrning Facilitator II (480) 461-7636
Jessica Jones Student Lrning Facilitator I
Preston Joyner Student Lrning Facilitator I
David Kell Student Lrning Facilitator I
Devin Klein Student Level 3
Mary Le Work Study Student Level 3
Nancy Leo Student Lrning Facilitator II
Brett LeSueur Student Lrning Facilitator I
Kerri Linden Student Lrning Facilitator II
Kent Linthicum Student Lrning Facilitator II
Alexis Lopez Student Lrning Facilitator I
Marcela Marenco Student Lrning Facilitator I
Daniel Mayberry Tutor
Victoria Monk Student Level 3
Marlene Montgomery Student Lrning Facilitator II (480) 732-2712
John Mosby Student Lrning Facilitator I
Will Nobles Student Level - 3
Jodi Pencek Student Lrning Facilitator I
Britney Pietrzak Student Level 5
George Rayes Student Level 4
Brannon Redding Student Lrning Facilitator I
Edward Rockne Student Lrning Facilitator I
James Romine Student Lrning Facilitator I
Virginia Ross Student Level 3
Bryan Ruiz Student Level 4
Carsten Serra Student Level 3
John Shippy Student Level 3
Kelly Siggins Student Lrning Facilitator I
Larry Standage Student Level 3
Penny Thompson Student Lrning Facilitator I
Benjamin Vargas Student Lrning Facilitator I
Trenton Welsh Student Lrning Facilitator I
Brian Whippo Student Lrning Facilitator I
Jaron Williams Student Level 3
Richard Yee Student Lrning Facilitator I
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Ronald Bromund Police Recruit Instructor
Dawn Haynes Police Recruit Instructor
Cherie Leffler Police Recruit Instructor
Cory Moe Police Recruit Instructor
Jennifer Paxson Temp MAT Equiv Grade 17
Anthony Polse Police Recruit Instructor
Edward Wessing Police Recruit Instructor
Library, Learning Center, and Counseling
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Cole Anderson Student Level 3
Laura Artusio Adjunct Faculty - Librarian (480) 857-5100 Pecos LIB116
Rene Barrios Counseling Faculty (480) 732-7209 Pecos BRD116 Web
Mary Bell Administrative Secretary II, Learning Center (480) 732-7384 Pecos LIB239R Web
Caren Berk Adjunct Faculty Summer
Mary Beth Burgoyne Library Faculty (480) 988-8125 Pecos LIB221 Web
Della Cambron Patrick Administrative Secretary III, Library (480) 857-5135 Pecos LIB217R
Magali Chavez Learning Associate, Learning Center (480) 732-7344 Pecos LIB241
Robert Chimel Student Level 3
Kimberly Chuppa-Cornell Library Faculty (480) 732-7022 Pecos LIB220
Judith Coors Library Asst II (480) 988-8277
Carol Dichtenberg Division Chair,  Library (480) 857-5133 Pecos LIB221 Web
Eva Falletta Counseling Faculty / Director, Learning Center (480) 732-7231 Pecos LIB240
Pamela Gassler Service Fac Adjunct (480) 988-8275
Mary Gerdes Adjunct Faculty Williams BLUF
Mary Harris Service Fac Adjunct (480) 786-6246
Simone Harris Temp Level 1
Theresa Harvey Base Record - Exempt
Nicole Hoffmann Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Barbara Howe Service Fac Adjunct (480) 244-3312
Jerry Jerome Adjunct Faculty  (Counseling) (480) 726-4061 Pecos BRD115
Monica Johnson Library Faculty (480) 988-8128 Williams EGEL223
Christine Kilbridge Library Faculty (480) 857-5138 Pecos
Olivia Lara Adjunct Faculty (480) 545-9746
Leonard Liebner Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Jaime Miranda Student Level 3 (480) 726-4054
Dori Navarette-Lynch Adjunct Faculty Pecos LIB
Nikki Nieset Counseling Faculty (480) 726-4060 Pecos BRD117
Yasaman Parsi Adjunct Faculty (480) 726-4062 Pecos BRD115
Karen Peterson Service Fac Adjunct
Steven Phalen Base Record - Exempt
Amy Ralston-Beike Service Fac Adjunct (480) 988-8001 Williams BLUF141
Jason Ramirez Learning Associate, Learning Center (480) 732-7295 Pecos LIB239
Kathryn Roehler-Hacker Adjunct Faculty Summer
Theresa Santa Cruz Library Asst II (480) 857-5104
Beverly Schlosser Library Assistant II, Access Services (480) 857-5115 Pecos LIB107
Allison Shepard Service Fac Adjunct
Anna Shigley Adjunct Faculty (480) 283-8577
Thomas Sleeper Service Fac Adjunct (602) 286-8462
Carla Smith Service Fac Adjunct
Eva Jean Smith Library Assistant II (480) 857-5105 Pecos LIB106 Web
Courtney Strom Student Level 3
Laura Tracey Learning Associate,  Learning Center  (Williams Campus) (480) 988-8283 Williams BRID108 Web
Kali Van Nimwegen Adjunct Faculty - Librarian
Carolyn Vickrey Base Record Exempt
Mary Wescott Library Assistant II,  Access Services (480) 857-5103 Pecos LIB107
Maureen Wilkinson Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Audra Wolfe Adjunct Faculty
Kirra Wong Adjunct Faculty  (Counseling) (480) 726-4063 Pecos BRD115
Marketing and Public Relations
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Eric Stuebner Temp Level 2 (480) 213-4591
Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications
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Jenny Bourgeois Coordinator, Marketing (480) 857-5501 Pecos
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Kline Adams Adjunct Faculty
Scott Adamson Mathematics Faculty (480) 732-7031 Pecos IRN273 Web
Aaron Aguirre Mathematics Faculty (480) 988-8165 Williams EGEL213
Jeff Baluch Adjunct Faculty (602) 405-5328 Web
Bartley Beckert Adjunct Faculty (480) 627-9844
Christopher Benton Instructional Project Develop (480) 423-6248
Shannon Bishop Mathematics (480) 857-5137 Pecos IRN255
Anna Bloxham Adjunct Faculty
Danielle Brager Adjunct Faculty
Robert Brandl Adjunct Faculty
Donna Breault Administrative Secretary III (480) 732-7170 Pecos IRN274
Frank Bria Jr Adjunct Faculty
Jason Bright Instructional Project Develop (623) 845-3215
Jeffrey Burrell Adjunct Faculty (480) 242-9257
Jeanne Canham Mathematics Faculty (480) 732-7082 Pecos IRN275
Bethany Cascante Adjunct Faculty
Cammen Chan Adjunct Faculty
Mitchell Chase Adjunct Faculty
Julie Chesley Adjunct Faculty
Crystine Chipman Adjunct Faculty (480) 276-8816 Web
Trey Cox Mathematics Faculty (480) 857-5437 Pecos IRN258 Web
Robert De Francesco Jr Adjunct Faculty
David Dickerson Adjunct Faculty
Tamara Duford Adjunct Faculty
Jeffrey Ekiss Adjunct Faculty
Kristi Ellingson Adjunct Faculty (480) 242-3958 Web
Brian England Adjunct Faculty
Joy Feldman Adjunct Faculty
James Forbes Adjunct Faculty Web
Maddy Franklin Adjunct Faculty (480) 813-8500 Pecos
Dawn Gregory Adjunct Faculty
Don Hamm Instructional Project Develop (602) 787-6645
Ahmed Hassan Adjunct Faculty
Nicole Hastings Adjunct Faculty Web
Kanisha Heard Office Assistant, Mathematics (480) 732-7055 Pecos IRN
Stephen Heiser Adjunct Faculty
Brendan Horan Adjunct Faculty
Milford Horton Adjunct Faculty (480) 917-8897
Eric Jacobson Adjunct Faculty
John Jensen Instructional Project Develop (480) 517-8278
Kacie Joyner Mathematics Faculty (480) 726-4099 Pecos AGA1379
Dongrin Kim Adjunct Faculty
Larry King Adjunct Faculty
Lisa Knipp Adjunct Faculty (480) 688-0182
Anna Rosa Lampis Adjunct Faculty (602) -285-7542
David Ledin Adjunct Faculty
Nathan Leonard Adjunct Faculty
Silvia Llamas-Flores Adjunct Faculty
Abdullah Mamun Adjunct Faculty (623) 935-8139
Darren Marston Adjunct Faculty
Linda Mather Adjunct Faculty (480) 732-7049
Angela Mazzola Adjunct Faculty
Mark McKinnon Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Carla McManaway Mathematics Faculty (480) 726-4095 Pecos IRN257
Michael Mead Adjunct Faculty
Linda Meng Mathematics Faculty (480) 857-5531 Pecos IRN270 Web
Matthew Michaelson Adjunct Faculty (623) 845-4589
Travis Moore Adjunct Faculty
Renee Morales Adjunct Faculty
Indika Morris Adjunct Faculty
Richard Neel Adjunct Faculty
Katherine Nelson Adjunct Faculty
Phi Nguyen Adjunct Faculty
Douglas Norton Adjunct Faculty
John Oberdorfer Adjunct Faculty (480) 457-9942
Roberta Pardo Mathematics Faculty (480) 732-7183 Pecos EST110 Web
Milos Podmanik Mathematics Faculty (480) 726-4096 Pecos IRN269
Christian Ponder Adjunct Faculty
Baranoosh Pourladian Adjunct Faculty
John Quadlin Mathematics Faculty (480) 726-4104 Pecos IRN267 Web
Sergio Ramirez Adjunct Faculty
Alexandra Redman Adjunct Faculty
Anne Reynolds-Garza Mathematics Faculty (OYO) (480) 726-4126 Pecos IRN242
Tamara Rodic Adjunct Faculty
Daphne Rossiter Instructional Project Develop (480) 461-7349
Kathleen Royal Adjunct Faculty (480) 883-5073
Evan Rudibaugh Adjunct Faculty
Melinda Rudibaugh Mathematics Faculty (480) 732-7049 Pecos AGA1372
Pietra Sanger Adjunct Faculty (480) 731-1866
Jennifer Schultz Adjunct Faculty
Kimberly Schultz Adjunct Faculty
Arlene Seale Adjunct Faculty
Laura Smallwood Mathematics Faculty (480) 732-7251 Pecos EST108 Web
Hsin Yi Smith Adjunct Faculty
Howard Speier Mathematics Faculty (480) 732-7064 Pecos IRN253
Cheri Springer Adjunct Faculty
Daryl Springer Adjunct Faculty
Kurt Stangel Adjunct Faculty
Sue Steele Mathematics Faculty (480) 988-8602 Williams BAYL128A
Heather Sternberg Adjunct Faculty
John Stockton Adjunct Faculty
Marjorie Takahashi Adjunct Faculty
Sidney Ters Adjunct Faculty (480) 797-6380
Beth Van Tellingen Adjunct Faculty
Paul Vaz Adjunct Faculty (480) 965-2254
Samir Wehbe Adjunct Faculty
Charles Wehofer Adjunct Faculty
Daniel Whitmore Adjunct Faculty
Frank Wilson Division Chair,  Mathematics (480) 988-8608 Pecos IRN279
Pamela Woodbury Mathematics Faculty (480) 726-4145 Pecos AGA1374
Modern Languages and Humanities
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Patricia Adams Adjunct Faculty (602) 615-1265
Charles Astone Adjunct Faculty
Anne Berger Adjunct Faculty
Monika Bilka History Faculty (480) 726-4244
Cynthia Bingham Spanish Faculty (480) 732-7143 Pecos EST223
Aurelia Camacho Adjunct Faculty (480) 421-8783
Tiffany Cameron Adjunct Faculty
Kara Childress Adjunct Faculty Summer
Fabio Correa Spanish Faculty (480) 857-5525 Pecos IRN262
Virginia Edwards Division Chair, Modern Languages and Humanities (480) 732-7342 Pecos EST214 Web
Brandon Gagnon Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Patricia Gail Haase Adjunct Faculty
James Hipple Adjunct Faculty (480) 332-3789
Marc Jette Adjunct Faculty
Melvin Johnson Adjunct Faculty
Julie McCarty Adjunct Faculty (480) 857-5315
Nicholas Mowad Philosophy Faculty Pecos GIL127
George Mulloy Administrative Assistant III / Adjunct Faculty  (480) 726-4119 Pecos EST217E
David Munoz Philosophy Faculty (480) 732-7173 Pecos EST207 Web
Anayanci Murphy Adjunct Faculty (602) 448-9979
Charles Neely Adjunct Faculty (480) 892-5544
Paul Nersesian Adjunct Faculty
Simon Oswitch Adjunct Faculty (480) 461-7860
Erin Reeder Adjunct Faculty
Matthew Rundio Adjunct Faculty
Sally Simon-Phillips Adjunct Faculty
Danette Turner Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Krista Valenzuela-Emanuel English as a Second Language (480) 857-5010 Pecos EST228
Jodie Vann Adjunct Faculty
Maricela Vazquez Adjunct Faculty
Georgeanna Wielkoszewski Adjunct Faculty (480) 607-7597
Nursing and Health Sciences
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James Abel EMT Lab Tutor Williams
Annamma Abraham Base Record Exempt
Jeffrey Alexander Adjunct Faculty
Anthony Ambrosia CPAT Proctor/Fire Science Williams
Jill Anderson Nursing Faculty (480) 988-8865 Williams EGEL214
Antoinetta Anselmo Adjunct Faculty
Jeremy Armitage Fire Recruit Instructor
Avery Armstrong CPAT Proctor Williams
Sean Athey Paramedic Class Lab Tutor
Sherrick Bader CPAT Proctor
Benjamin Banks EMT Lab Tutor EMT Cert
Sue Bast Adjunct Faculty (480) 731-8866 Williams
Adrienne Berman Adjunct Faculty
Jonathan Blum CPAT Proctor
Tristine Bogle Adjunct Faculty
Michael Bolinger EMT Lab Tutor Paramdc Cert
Katrina Bourke Temp Mat Equiv Grade 13
Amanda Brown Base Record Exempt
Amanda Brown Adjunct Faculty
Gregory Brown CPAT Proctor
Robin Brown-Rogers Adjunct Faculty
Christopher Buckingham Fire Recruit Instructor
Randy Budd EMT Lab Tutor Paramdc Cert
Maressa Cardenas Specially Funded
Bryan Carpenter Fire Recruit Instructor
Douglas Carrington EMT Lab Tutor Paramdc Cert
Crystal Chappell Adjunct Faculty
Craig Chenery EMT Lab Tutor Paramdc Cert
Ken Coomber EMT Lab Tutor Paramdc Cert
Michael Cravener Paramedic Class Lab Tutor
Patricia Crozier Adjunct Faculty
Steven Culbertson EMT Lab Tutor Paramdc Cert
Alexandrea Davies Paramedic Class Lab Tutor (EMT) Williams
Wesley Delbridge II Adjunct Faculty (480) 732-7265
Jason D'Eliso Educational Development Williams BAYL
Therese Derivan EMT Lab Tutor Paramdc Cert
Cathy Dolan Adjunct Faculty (631) 896-9344
Jessica Dwork Clinical Nursing Faculty (602) 909-2284 Williams EGEL208
Regina Esparza Base Record Exempt
Cynthia Evans Administrative Secretary Pecos CYT2352
Tarynn Everett EMT Lab Tutor (Paramedic) Williams
Karen Flanigan Nursing Faculty (480) 988-8884 Williams EGEL219 Web
Samuel Fraser EMT Lab Tutor Paramdc Cert
Shirley Fraser-Webster Adjunct Faculty
Burnett Frazier IV CPAT Proctor Williams
Jean Fronk Adjunct Faculty
Susan Gaumont Nutrition Faculty (480) 732-7142 Pecos EST107 Web
Cory Gerard Adjunct Faculty Williams
Brian Gilbert Adjunct Faculty Williams
Daniel Goldstein Adjunct Faculty
Andrea Gorman Adjunct Faculty (480) 776-7805 Williams
Charles Griffiths Adjunct Faculty
Rita Haman Clinical Nursing Faculty (480) 988-8878 Williams EGEL213
Alison Hardy Nursing Faculty (480) 988-8139 Williams
Keith Hargis Adjunct Faculty Williams
Richard Harless Base Record Exempt
Adam Hellman Temp Assignment Hrly
David Henrickson EMT Lab Tutor Paramdc Cert
Felicia Hill Clinical Nursing (480) 988-8883 Williams
Julie Hinman Adjunct Faculty
Teresa Hull Administrative Secretary III, Nursing and Health Sciences (480) 988-8881 Williams EGEL226 Web
Christopher Hyde Base Record Exempt
Darel Jack Adjunct Faculty
Annamma Jacob Adjunct Faculty Williams
Sheila James Adjunct Faculty Williams
Joseph Johnson Paramedic Class Lab Tutor
Jacqueline Jones Adjunct Faculty (480) -460-8854
Ivana Jourdon Adjunct Faculty (480) 732-7200
Jacqueline Juhay-Jones Adjunct Faculty
Pamela Karlberg Nutrition Faculty Pecos IRN249
Laurel Kelsey Adjunct Faculty
Ryan Klenner EMT Lab Tutor Paramdc Cert
Stephen Knox EMT Lab Tutor Paramdc Cert
Daniel Krahn Paramedic Class Lab Tutor
Diane Krupa-Hoentz Adjunct Faculty
Debra Kuznicki Adjunct Faculty
Brandt Lange CPAT Proctor Williams
Rachel Larson Adjunct Faculty (480) 862-4044 Williams
Nicholas Lorenz Adjunct Faculty
Barbara Magenheim Nursing Faculty (480) 988-8879 Williams EGEL217
Terence Mason Paramedic Class Lab Tutor
Kevin McColm Paramedic Class Lab Tutor
Katherine McCready Adjunct Faculty
Kimberly McGee Health Education Faculty (480) 726-4246 Pecos CYT2351
Robert McJunkins Base Record Exempt
Mehrazin Mehraban Adjunct Faculty
Paul Merrill Adjunct Faculty Williams
Carly Milbert Adjunct Faculty
Blas Minor Adjunct Faculty
Kelly Newcomer Adjunct Faculty Williams
Beverley Nielsen Adjunct Faculty Williams
Cassandra Nix Adjunct Faculty Williams
Rebecca Noble Office Assistant - Nursing (480) 988-8013 Williams EGEL226
Cassandra Nolan Clinical Nursing Faculty (480) 988-8637 Williams EGEL209
Debra Nolen Adjunct Faculty (623) 640-5296 Williams
Dane Ostler Fire Recruit Instructor
Michael Palmatier Adjunct Faculty Williams
Eugene Pardi Adjunct Faculty (623) 266-2126
Melissa Paton Adjunct Faculty
Wayne Phillips Adjunct Faculty
Christine Reese Adjunct Faculty
Holly Richards Adjunct Faculty Williams
Mark Robens Paramedic Class Lab Tutor (EMT) Williams
Meliza Salandanan Base Record Exempt
Joe Scheurn Paramedic Class Lab Tutor
Beth Smith Adjunct Faculty Williams
Darren Snyder Adjunct Faculty
Jamie Spada Adjunct Faculty Williams
Jason Spangler EMT Lab Tutor Paramdc Cert
Robin Sprouse Temp Level 2
Melanie Stevens CPAT Proctor/FSC Williams
Jeffrey Stieber Paramedic Class Lab Tutor
Craig Strebeck Paramedic Class Lab Tutor
Russell Suprak CPAT Proctor
Jerry Swift Jr Fire Recruit Instructor
Shele Taylor Adjunct Faculty (480) 988-8881
John Tobin Paramedic Class Lab Tutor
Janine Torres Temporary Level 3
Glenn Trainor Paramedic Class Lab Tutor
Gregory Trone Division Chair,  Director of Nursing and Health Sciences (480) 732-7289 Williams EGEL225 Web
Adrienne Udarbe Adjunct Faculty
Ann Varkey Base Record Exempt
Shaweta Vasudeva Adjunct Faculty
Andrea Villarreal Adjunct Faculty
Alyssa Warner Base Record Exempt
Jonathan Watson Adjunct Faculty
Rory West CPAT Proctor Williams
Tristan Westmoreland EMT Lab Tutor Paramdc Cert
Richelle Williams Base Record Exempt
Dianne Winslow Clinical Nursing Faculty (480) 988-8883 Williams EGEL216
Keri Ybarra Adjunct Faculty
Joshua Zeidler Educ Dev Pro Gro Proj Sum Com
Nursing and Health Sciences - Wellness
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Trevor Leavitt Fitness Center Tech Pecos CYT
Sharon Potter Coordinator,  Wellness Education (480) 726-4059 Pecos CYT
Office of the President
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Sue Aroz Administrative Assistant to the President (480) 732-7075 Pecos MSQ166
Cindy Barnes Pharr Dean, Community Affairs (480) 732-7093 Pecos GIL119
Rita Clark Office Assistant, President's Office (480) 732-7056 Pecos MSQ
Itzela Dixon Tapia Office Assistant, President's Office (480) 732-7056 Pecos MSQ164
William Guerriero Interim College President (480) 732-7012 Pecos MSQ165
Payroll Coordinator
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Jeanne Francis Temporary Level 2 (480) 857-5563
Physical Sciences and Engineering
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Liz Adams Engineering Faculty (480) 726-4146 Pecos AGA1375
Sampriti Bagchi Adjunct Faculty
Bradford Bates Division Chair,  Physical Sciences and Engineering (480) 988-8996 Pecos IRN241
Marc Biren Adjunct Faculty
Steven Borick Instructional Consultant (480) 423-6372 Pecos
Russell Bray Adjunct Faculty Pecos IRN107
Michael Canham Adjunct Faculty Web
Lauri Carney Adjunct Faculty Williams THOM104 Web
Colleen Carroll Base Record Exempt Pecos IRN219
Richard Clawson Base Record Exempt Williams THOM106
Cordis Cleaveland Temp Level 2
Tara Coleman Adjunct Faculty
John Dassinger Geology and Earth Sciences Faculty (480) 732-7359 Pecos IRN256
Henry DeJonge IV Adjunct Faculty Pecos CHO308
William Edelbrock Adjunct Faculty
Ghada Elaqad Adjunct Faculty Williams THOM106
Rudy Emrick Adjunct Faculty Pecos IRN106
Sean Flaherty Physics Faculty (480) 732-7302 Pecos AGA1371
Angel Fuentes Astronomy Faculty (480) 732-7033 Pecos IRN243
Anoop Gill Work Study Student Level 4
Sylvia Grace Adjunct Faculty Pecos IRN225
Steve Guggino Adjunct Faculty (602) 243-8217 Williams THOM100
Yi Guo Chemistry Faculty (480) 732-7246 Pecos IRN263 Web
Aaron Hallsted Temp Level 2
Wael Hassinan Adjunct Faculty Pecos IRN101
Janice Hester Adjunct Faculty
Darrell Huber Adjunct Faculty Williams THOM104
Kevin Jagiello Adjunct Faculty
Jeffrey Johnson Adjunct Faculty Williams EGEL111
Sujatha Krishnaswamy Chemistry Faculty (480) 988-8109 Williams THOM118
Jason Lai Adjunct Faculty
Rosemary Leary Chemistry Faculty Pecos IRN246
Jeffery Locey Adjunct Faculty Pecos IRN120
Bassam Matar Engineering Faculty (480) 732-7139 Pecos EST136 Web
Lance McCreary Adjunct Faculty
Michael McFavilen Chemistry Faculty (480) 732-7336 Pecos AGA1373
Donald Mittendorf Adjunct Faculty Williams EGEL111
Adam Mott Adjunct Faculty
Kendall Nii Adjunct Faculty
Amy Paterson Adjunct Faculty (602) 292-1978 Pecos IRN
Jennifer Pauls Physics and Mathematics Faculty (480) 857-5208 Pecos EST132
Arlisa Richardson Physics Faculty (623) 988-8017 Williams THOM116
Edward Rosenthal Astronomy Faculty Pecos IRN267
Philip Ryder Adjunct Faculty Pecos IRN120
Blake Sacha Adjunct Faculty
Michael Santoro Adjunct Faculty Pecos IRN120
Paul Saric Adjunct Faculty (ECE) Williams BAYL124
Douglas Sawyer Adjunct Faculty
Roy Schiesser Geology Faculty (480) 857-5195 Pecos IRN261 Web
Dennis Schrope Adjunct Faculty Pecos IRN107
Nicholas Seavall Adjunct Faculty Pecos IRN106
Tapati Sen Adjunct Instructor (480) 576-9691 Williams EGEL111
Barry Siegwart Adjunct Faculty
Ariyana Skauge Administrative Secretary III, Science (480) 857-5559 Pecos IRN240
David Sprague Adjunct Faculty Pecos IRN104 Web
Keith Tomaszewicz Adjunct Faculty Pecos IRN104
Sophie Ung Adjunct Faculty Pecos CHO308
Elizabeth Viquesney Instructional Consultant (480) 425-6959
David Weaver Adjunct Faculty Pecos IRN241
Joshua White Adjunct Faculty Pecos IRN103
Lorelei Wood Chemistry Faculty    (480) 857-5540 Pecos IRN255 Web
Public Safety
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Ramon Alcala Temporary Level 2
Pascual Cordova Temporary Level 2 Web
Robert Everett Public Safety Commander (480) 732-7280 Pecos PSB107
Michael Fulton Public Safety Aid Pecos PSB
James Haynes Temporary Level 2
Quinn Kelly Jr Temporary Level 2
Brian Langford Public Safety Officer (480) 732-7280 Pecos PSB105 Web
Roberto Luna Public Safety Officer (480) 857-5180 Pecos PSB105
Miguel Martinez Public Safety Aid (480) 732-7280
Andre Prosperi Sr Temporary Level 3
Miguel Renteria Public Safety Police Officer Pecos PSB
Keith Schenkel Temporary Level 2
Public Safety - Williams
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Brent Bartel Public Safety Lieutenant (480) 988-8111 Williams BLUF138D
Michael Blanco Public Safety Williams BLUF138
Patricia Nelson Temporary Dispatcher Williams
John Owen Work Study Student Level 4 Williams
Gordon Parrish Temporary Level 3 (480) 988-8888
Gary Steele Public Safety Williams BLUF138
Zachary Taylor Work Study Student Level 4 Williams BLUF
Brenton Thorpe Temp Level 2 Williams BLUF
Public Safety Sciences
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Jeremy Brunk Substitute Pay Inst (602) 908-1336
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Carmen Alvarado Temp Level 1
Desiree Avila Temporary Level 1
Judith Galusha Temporary Level 2 (480) 732-7277 Pecos CYT1171.11
Tristan Garcia Temp Level 1
Martine Garcia Jr Work Study Student - Level 3 (480) 732-7385 Pecos CYT1171.34
Kristan Glover Temp Level 1
Gabriel Lopez Temporary Level 1
James Reagan Temp Level 1
Yoroba Russell Coordinator, Student Recruitment (480) 857-5562 Pecos CYT1171.15 Web
Alexander Sager Student Services Specialist Pecos CYT1171.13
Theodore Thompson III Temp Level 1
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Janelle Beilman Research Assoc (480) 732-7054 Pecos BRD160
Crystal Theaker Institutional Resources Analyst (480) 857-5119 Pecos BRD160 Web
Theresa Wong Director, Research Planning and Development (480) 857-5118 Pecos BRD160
Risk and Resource Management
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Daniel Archibald Temporary Office Support Pecos GIL112
Robert Contreras Facilities Technician (480) 857-5520 Pecos GIL116 Web
Brenda Croteau Coordinator, Facilities (480) 732-7202 Pecos GIL113 Web
Diana Little Office Coordinator I, Risk and Resources (480) 732-7288 Pecos GIL129
Social and Behavioral Sciences
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Erica Alexander Adjunct Faculty
Melinda Baham Psychology Faculty (480) 726-4076 Pecos EST232 Web
Amanda Baraldi Adjunct Faculty
Rick Bell Adjunct Faculty
Susan Bonnell Adjunct Faculty
Jennifer Boyd Adjunct Faculty Pecos EST232
Joni Burris Education (480) 857-5526
Kimberly Burrola Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Bryan Camp Adjunct Faculty
Patricia Christie Adjunct Faculty
William Clark Adjunct Faculty
Karen Collins Adjunct Faculty (602) 380-7179
Nicholas DelSordi Adjunct Faculty
Thomas Diamond Adjunct Faculty
Jared Dinehart Adjunct Faculty
Diane Elarde Substitute - Inst
Zabioullah Eltezam Adjunct Faculty (480) 857-8158
Sharon Fagan Education Faculty (480) 732-7124 Pecos EST201 Web
Mitchell Fisher Economics
Valerie Foster Adjunct Faculty (480) 539-8355 Web
Lori B Girshick Sociology Faculty (480) 857-5536 Pecos EST234
Kathryn Graham Adjunct Faculty
Karen Hardin Adjunct Faculty (480) 461-7588
Darby Heath Sociology and Anthropology Faculty (480) 857-5442 Pecos EST233
John Holaday Adjunct Faculty (480) 813-1289
Barbara Huff Adjunct Faculty
Marie Huntsinger Adjunct Faculty
Michele Kemp Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Bridget Kiefer Adjunct Faculty
Lisa Kimbrough Adjunct Faculty
Ivonne Kroman Adjunct Faculty
Joseph Kubiak Adjunct Faculty Pecos
Tara Lennon Adjunct Faculty
Teresa McClelland Early Childhood and Teacher Education Advisor (480) 732-7047 Pecos CYT1171.24
Kristy McDonald Psychology Faculty Pecos EST138
Mary McGlasson Economics Faculty (480) 732-7160 Pecos EST235 Web
Victoria Merritt Adjunct Faculty
Cort Monroe Adjunct Faculty
Noel Morelos Political Science Faculty, Phi Theta Kappa Co-Advisor (480) 857-5194 Pecos EST115 Web
Colette Nichols Administrative Secretary III (480) 732-7334 Pecos EST219
Arlene Old Elk Adjunct Faculty
Allison O'Neal Adjunct Faculty (480) 732-7334
Thomas Pantera Adjunct Faculty
Casiana Pascariu Adjunct Faculty
Lisa Peck Adjunct Faculty Williams
Jennifer Peterson Education Faculty (480) 857-5535 Pecos IRN268
Paul Petrequin History Faculty (480) 857-5256 Pecos EST125
Sarah Qureshi Adjunct Faculty
Belinda Ramos Psychology Faculty (480) 857-5225 Pecos GIL133 Web
Karen Reeder Psychology Faculty (480) 857-5226 Pecos EST229 Web
David Rees Adjunct Faculty
Charles Rinaldi Jr Adjunct Faculty
Noreen Roman Adjunct Faculty
Cristina Ruiz Administrative Secretary I, Social and Behavioral Sciences (480) 732-7270 Pecos EST
Andrea Scherrer Adjunct Faculty
Judi Schlickman Adjunct Faculty
Nancy Short Division Chair, Social and Behavioral Sciences (480) 732-7227 Pecos EST218 Web
Scott Silberman Psychology Faculty (480) 732-7078 Pecos EST209
Taylor Smith Adjunct Faculty
Bruce Stam Adjunct Faculty
Sandra Stuebner Psychology Faculty (480) 732-7315 Pecos EST226 Web
Emily Supiot Adjunct Faculty Web
Doyle Sweat Adjunct Faculty
Zoila Tovar-Blank Psychology Faculty (480) 726-4110 Pecos IRN247
Kristina Waldron Adjunct Faculty
Chantel Webster Adjunct Faculty
Barbara Weeks Educational Development (480) 788-0494
Jill Wendt Adjunct Faculty (480) 283-7821 Pecos EST232
Brian Young Adjunct Faculty (602) 325-3274
Georgia Youtsey Adjunct Faculty
Linda Zehr Economics Faculty (480) 857-5530 Pecos IRN272 Web
Judith Zeidel Adjunct Faculty (480) 283-7077
Special Student Services
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Jonathan Greene Work Study Student Level 4
Student Affairs
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William Crawford Vice President,  Student Affairs (480) 732-7309 Pecos MSQ163
Shakesha Dye Office Assistant Pecos CYT
Katherine Haar Admin Asst I (480) 732-7150
Christina Mason Public Relations,  Student Affairs Pecos CYT1171.12
Yvette Strickling Administrative Assistant I, VP Student Affairs (Notary) (480) 732-7310 Pecos MSQ173
Student Life
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Diego Alvarado Work Study Student - Level 4
Carrie Braaten Teacher Education Services (480) 732-7039 Pecos SC106
Ashton Brackens Student Level 3
Emily Butterfield Temp Level 1
April Butts Work Study Student Level 3
KT Campbell Program Advisor (480) 857-5524 Pecos SC111 Web
Alexandra Cannell Coordinator of Service-Learning (480) 732-7069 Pecos SC106
Alejandra Castro Luna Student Level 3
Christina Contreras Temp Level 2 (480) 732-7305
Samantha Duran Student Level 3
Jackson Filas Temp Level 1
Michael Greene Director, Student Life and Leadership (480) 732-7146 Pecos SC106
Jorden Harper Work Study Student Level 3
Jennifer Herrera Student Level 3 (480) 857-5142
Alexander Ho Student Level 3
Sarah Hoodenpyle Administrative Secretary I, Service-Learning (480) 857-5274 Pecos SC
Aji Jagne Student Level 3
Kim Kocak Coordinator (480) 988-8525 Williams BRID133
Nathan Nelson Temp Level 1
Jennifer Ortega Student Level 3
Michael Ortigoza Student Level 3
Christopher Richez Student Level 3
Breanna Wright Base Record Non Exempt
Tiffany Young Admin Secretary I (480) 732-7104
Student Services - Williams
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Romana Carpio Student Services Specialist (480) 988-8901 Williams BLUF101B Web
Suzanne Chesney Student Services Specialist (480) 988-8134 Williams BLUF101H
Maria De La Torre Coordinator, Student Services, Nursing Advisor (480) 988-8880 Williams BLUF101J
Linda Heartquist Student Services Specialist (480) 988-8162 Williams BLUF101P
Moses Hernandez Student Services Specialist (480) 988-8180 Williams BLUF101G
Kathryn Lane Work Study Student Level 4 Williams
Denise Ostos Temporary Level 2 (480) 988-8154
Rochelle Reinesch Manager, Student Services, Williams Campus (480) 988-8118 Williams BLUF101L Web
Kimberly Waites PBX Operator (Williams Campus) Williams BLUF101A
Debra Williams Office Support (480) 988-8000 Williams
Student Support Services
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Alba Alvarez Stewart Educational Development (480) 732-7050 Pecos
Jennifer Cunningham Behavioral Health Specialist Pecos
Dawn Gruichich Director, College Student Services (480) 732-7050 Pecos BRD Web
Gloria Hemphill Student Support - BHC Pecos
Hugh McGill Educational Development (480) 857-5188 Pecos
Brenna Peck Disability Resource Specialist (480) 857-5187 Pecos BRD118 Web
Karen Ricotta Educational Development
Danielle Samson Base Record - Nonexempt (480) 857-5190
Janet Sondalle Temporary Level 2
Margaret Walker Office Coordinator, Student Services (480) 857-5188 Pecos BRD101 Web
Sun Lakes Education Center
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Vincenza Heisler Office Coordinator I, Sun Lakes (480) 857-5500 Sun Lakes
Debbie Oliver Temp Level 2,  SLC Office Support Sun Lakes
Veterans Services
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Reda Chambers Coordinator, Veterans Services (480) 726-4094 Pecos CYT2111.13
VP of Instructional Services
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Diane Richardson Substitute Pay Inst
VP of Org Effectiveness and Tech
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Janet Ortega VP Admin Svcs (602) 243-8287