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 Facility Use Rental Process and Waiver Request Forms

​Facilities Use Rental Process

Event Coordinator receives request for an event:
  • Date(s)
  • Time(s) – Start time and end time, determine how much time is needed for pre-event set up and post-event takedown, as well as any necessary facilities set up time.
  • Number of expected participants
  • Room requirements – layout needed, audio/visual needs, etc.
Event Coordinator identify and discuss space requirements 
  • Discuss space requirements/limitations/ availability as well as the college’s expectations (found in the Facility Use Agreement), and ask for the Certificate of Insurance.
  • With a verbal “ok”, tentatively book the identified space in the 25Live system. 
  • Email copy of “Certificate of Insurance Requirements” to the renter.
Send email confirmation
An email is sent to the prospective renter including: 
  • space to be rented
  • the rental rate
  • additional fees
  • estimated total cost
  • the Certificate of Requirements information
  • a map of the college identifying room location and best parking space
Ensure the Certificate of Insurance (COI) is received
All COI’s are received & reviewed by Business Services/Resource Management for completeness before it is forwarded to risk management at District.
Complete the Facility Use Agreement (FUA)
  • Event Coordinator completes the FUA
  • Logs the rental information in the CGCC Facilities Rental Log
  • The rental log identifies renter name, dates on campus, spaces used, total cost, type of waiver*(see note below), date to invoice, invoice number, date invoice paid. 
  • Email completed facility use agreement to the renter for review and signature. 
  • Obtain VP Administration Services signature
Email additional event details to the renter, including:
  • Public Safety for locking/unlocking the space, if necessary – 480.732.7280 (the public safety office received a rental log showing dates/times/location/renter)
  • Login/password information for those using the instructor station or computers in the room.  Rentals have been assigned a generic log in and password that is given to each renter.
  • Parking details – no parking in handicapped/faculty/staff designated parking – tickets will be issued.


Current process:  Invoice is sent the Monday after the use agreement dates are completed or quarterly for extended rentals. 

 *If waiver is applicable, the internal or external person responsible for coordinating the event space will complete one of the four possible waivers (Co-sponsored, Mission-Related, Professional Organization, and Government Agency). 
The completed waiver is forwarded to VP of Administration Services for review and final decision.  Depending on the waiver chosen, additional requirements are:
Co-Sponsored Event (no FUA required)
Completed waiver form
Risk Assessment (MIRA) required
Completed waiver form
Certificate of Insurance on file
Completed Facility Use Agreement (showing waived amount)
Professional Organization
Completed waiver form
Risk Assessment (MIRA) required
Completed Facility Use Agreement (showing waived amount)
Government Agency
Completed waiver form
Risk Assessment (MIRA) required
Completed Facility Use Agreement (showing waived amount)
All waived rental and personnel fees are logged in the facility use log for quarterly and end of year tracking.