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Facilities Services has established a number of initiatives related to energy and water conservation, as well as other earth-friendly considerations. These efforts are part of a continuing commitment to environmental stewardship.
Water Conservation
The Pecos campus is connected to a reclaimed water system that is supplied by the City of Chandler.  Reclaimed water is a non-potable form of water that the city processes, and then distributes for landscape irrigation. This is water that has gone down the drain through the city systems, is processed, and redistributed for utilization in landscape irrigation.
Waterless urinal fixtures have been installed in all of the Pecos and Williams campus restrooms.  Low flow/limited flow plumbing fixtures are also utilized in all CGCC restrooms.
In addition, Xeriscape plants and trees are featured in the majority of locations at all campuses. Xeriscape practices conserve significant quantities of landscape watering by utilizing native desert specimens.
Energy Management
The Pecos and Williams campuses utilize computer based energy management systems to improve the daily control of air conditioning and lighting at the campuses. All campuses also utilize T8 fluorescent lighting in the majority of the interior spaces. This type of lighting delivers a desirable color temperature, while conserving significant levels of energy.
Recycling and Biodegradable Products
CGCC recycles virtually all paper products for post-consumer processing, as well as aluminum cans and plastic bottles.  All routine custodial cleaning products in use at CGCC are biodegradable and the college is currently transitioning to the exclusive use of green certified cleaning products.
New Building Development
As CGCC develops new campus buildings, we will continue to focus on building Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified facilities. LEED represents the standard in Green Building Rating Systems.  All future building development at CGCC will achieve a minimum of LEED Silver certification.  This is a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for developing high performance, sustainable buildings. 
Engel Hall on the Williams campus as well as Ironwood Hall and Javelina Hall on the Pecos campus have received LEED Gold certification. Jacaranda Hall on the Pecos campus has received  LEED Silver certification. They received this designation based upon their high level of energy efficiency and other sustainability measures. Javelina and Jacaranda Halls employ the use of natural lighting, highly efficient LED lighting, a photovoltaic array that produces 15,000 kW-hrs annually, and the use of recycled building products. 
CGCC is currently in the process of constructing a new Environmental Technology Center (ETC). The ETC is envisioned to be a low-impact and cost-efficient living classroom that will serve as a hub for environmental education and resources for CGCC students, local schools, non-profit programs, and community members.