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 New Adventures

IntroductionNew Adventures

Since 1999, the level of interest among the initial members and their continuing level of involvement, plus the support of the additional new members of this exciting venture has been most encouraging. There is an unlimited capacity for members. We can increase the level of participation by telling our neighbors and friends in the Southeast Valley about our programs and what they offer.
The thrill of learning about a variety of subjects, in a non threatening classroom atmosphere, is almost beyond belief. Remember those years long ago, when it was study all night, and hope the answers would come the next day when the blue books were handed out? Now you can experience a class just as involved, and not have to do homework unless you want to and feel it will help further your understanding of the subject. What a relief!
The spectrum of study is varied from Civic and Social Studies, Health and Happiness, Trips/Day Travel and Hobbies. With the addition of more members with wider interests, the spectrum can be almost unlimited.
Since this is a volunteer organization and is self-directed by its members, the number of subjects and courses are up to the creative abilities of the members themselves. "Seek and ye shall find".... a class that meets your interests.
In addition to the increase in knowledge gained in these classes, there is a joining of like-minded participants in the community that may become your new friends. This will not only broaden your knowledge about our world and community, but will increase your wealth of neighbors, in a world that seems at times, to leave us all alone.
New Adventures in Learning is serving all Southeast Valley Communities.
  1. New Adventures in Learning has set its future goals with the expectation that everyone will have, at all times, new and affordable educational opportunities.
  2. New Adventures in Learning is exploring, developing, and expanding new territories for learning.
  3. New Adventures in Learning is a self-directed, peer led organization. We are all volunteers.
  4. New Adventures in Learning is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization.

Come join us and see how much fun you can have learning in retirement.

No homework! No Grades!  No Stress! -- JUST PURE FUN IN LEARNING.