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A Brief Background of New Adventures in Learning
In 1998 a small group of Sun Lakes residents began an association with Chandler-Gilbert Community College through the Sun Lakes Education Center to establish a learning in retirement program for mature adults who shared a curiosity and desire for learning. After several months of work to establish Bylaws for the new organization, a memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD), Chandler-Gilbert Community College (CGCC) and New Adventures in Learning for Seniors.
The new relationship was forged, with the Sun Lakes Education Center (SLEC), a satellite campus of CGCC, hosting the fledgling New Adventures. Under the MOU, CGCC would provide various support services over a three-year period of time (1999-2001). New Adventures would gradually assume responsibility for all external expenses after the three-year period through annual member dues. Temporary officers were chosen, committees formed, and the curriculum developed. In 2002 New Adventures became fiscally independent.
In November, 1998, a few sample classes were offered free to those in the community who expressed interest in joining in this new endeavor. Charter memberships were offered during December, 1998, and the first semester of classes with paid memberships started in January, 1999. The first Annual Meeting, with election of officers, was held in April, 1999. Since then, New Adventures has increased membership and has held two semesters of classes each year. In spring of 2004 the name New Adventures in Learning for Seniors, was changed to New Adventures in Learning.
New Adventures in Learning is an organization of volunteers. It seeks to meet its goals by recognizing and utilizing the unique experiences, capabilities, and diversity of mature adults, thereby building a self-governing and self-sustaining community of learners that becomes an integral part of the MCCCD.
In addition to the increase in knowledge gained in these classes, there is a joining of like-minded members of the community who may become your new friends. Word of mouth is our best marketing tool, and we ask all members to let their friends and neighbors know what New Adventures is all about.
We appreciate all the assistance that the SLC provides to New Adventures. Space is provided for our classes, as well as an address and phone number where members and potential members can make contact with New Adventures personnel. Therefore, we ask that you recognize the support that the SLC staff provides by assisting us. We ask that you be considerate of their time, and that you understand that these are paid employees of MCCCD, and not employees of New Adventures. New Adventures is a membership organization of volunteers who together put in hundreds of hours of service so that we can have this wonderful program. New Adventures is not brick and mortar - it is its membership. New Adventures is people coming together for a purpose - a self-governing and self-sustaining community of learners. Let us have your input and participation.