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 New Adventures

Frequently Asked QuestionsNew Adventures
  1. What is New Adventures in Learning?
    New Adventures in Learning is an organization that provides a variety of interesting educational opportunities at a reasonable cost to members.

  2. What is the purpose of New Adventures?
    The purpose of this organization is to build a self-governing and self-sustaining community of learners.  The program is a lifelong learning concept supported by the Sun Lakes Center, an extension of Chandler-Gilbert Community College.

  3. What does New Adventures do?  With what groups are they affiliated?
    New Adventures seeks to build a self-governing and self-sustaining community of mature adult learners.  It is a life-long learning program sponsored by the Sun Lakes Center, an extension of Chandler-Gilbert Community College.

  4. How as New Adventures organized?
    In 1998 a small group of Sun Lakes residents began an association with the Chandler-Gilbert Community College through the Sun Lakes Center to establish a learning program for mature adults who shared a curiosity and desire for learning.  After several months of work to establish Bylaws for the new organization, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD), Chandler-Gilbert Community College (CGCC) and New Adventures in Learning for Seniors.

    The new relationship was forged with the Sun Lakes Center (SLC), a satellite campus of the CGCC, hosting the fledgling New Adventures.  Under the MOU, CGCC would provide various support services over a three-year period of time (1999-2001).  New Adventures would gradually assume responsibility for external expenses after the three-year period through annual member dues.  Temporary officers were chosen, committees formed, and the curriculum developed.  In 2002 New Adventures became fiscally independent.

    In November 1998, a few sample classes were offered free to those in the community who expressed interest in joining in this new endeavor.  Charter memberships were offered during December 1998, and the first semester of classes with paid memberships started January 1999.  The first Annual meeting, with election of officers, was held in April 1999.  Since then, New Adventures has increased membership and has held two sessions of classes each year until 2010 when a third (summer) session was added.  In spring of 2004, the name New Adventures in Learning for Seniors was changed to New Adventures in Learning.

    Members decide what classes they want and attend those sessions which are of interest to them.  The presenters and facilitators are volunteers who share their expertise of lifetime experiences with the members.  Everyone participating benefits from New Adventures.

  5. Who is eligible to participate in New Adventures?
    Any mature person living in the Southeast Valley is eligible to participate in the New Adventures in Learning program.   Anyone interested in presenting a class may submit a course proposal for consideration.

  6. What costs are involved for membership in New Adventures?
    Annual membership dues are $50 and are renewable each year.  This membership entitles members to attend all classes which are of interest to them, space permitting.  Classes are offered in three sessions each year (early spring, summer and late fall).  An annual membership may begin either on September 1 or on January 1.

  7. What are the future hopes and goals of New Adventures?
    The goals and objectives are to provide for the people in the Southeast Valley new and affordable educational opportunities throughout the rest of their lives.

  8. How does one join New Adventures and register for classes?
    New Adventures is a membership organization. The annual membership fee is $50. Only members may register for classes.

    In addition to becoming a member of New Adventures, you will be enrolled as a college student at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. As a student you will have access to college services such as the library and the computer network. A college fee of $15 is charged each semester you are registered for classes.

    To become a member, you may pick up a new-member packet at the Sun Lakes Center during working hours (Monday -Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) beginning August 29, 2013. The packet contains membership information as well as registration materials for the upcoming semester.

  9. Who do I contact for more information about New Adventures?
    Contact the Sun Lakes Center’s Front Desk (480-857-5500) for more details.

  10. Governing Council Meetings
    Meeting schedule established by President of New Adventures, generally  monthly on the second Tuesday, each month September through May.

  11. Committee Meetings
    Committee meeting schedule established by each committee chairperson on as   needed basis, but not less than twice each semester.