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 Early Childhood and Teacher Education Service-Learning

Service-learning combines academic instruction with meaningful service in the larger community. Service-learning enhances what is taught by extending students learning beyond the classroom and providing opportunities for students to use newly acquired skills and knowledge in real life situations in their communities, locally, nationally, and globally.

Chandler-Gilbert Community College values service-learning and requires it as part of every education course. As a student of any EDU, EED, or ECH class you will have the opportunity to serve your community while learning about teaching through working in a course specific classroom in a school in the East Valley. The Teacher Education Coordinator for Service-Learning, Carrie Braaten, will place you in a classroom for service-learning each semester.

Students: please refer to the steps below to find information about how to obtain and complete the necessary paperwork that is needed to follow guidelines, ensure the safety of the children in our community's schools, and place you in a classroom with mentor for service-learning.

Mentors: welcome to CGCC's service-learning! Thank you for being an integral part of our program that strives to help you and your students in the classroom while teaching CGCC Teacher Education students how to teach in a hands-on, authentic way. Our Mentor Teacher brochure describes our program more fully. Please contact Carrie Braaten at with any questions or for more information.

Steps for a successful service-learning experience in teacher education

Step 1 Obtain a Fingerprint Clearance Card When you receive the card bring it along with an ID to the Student Center Pavilion Information Desk to have a copy made of it.

Step 2 New students to the Teacher Education Program must attend a Service-Learning Orientation.

Step 3 See a Student's Guide to Placement Requests to see what service-learning is required for each course.

Step 4 Returning students: Fill out the Placement Application online using Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. Before clicking on the link, please SIGN IN with your MEID and your password at the top right. If you are off campus, you may need to type mcccd-org\ before your MEID, then use your password. Use the back-slash "\" above the enter key, not the forward-slash "/".

Step 5 If you have a specific mentor with whom you would like to be placed, make an appointment with Carrie Braaten: This step must be completed by week two.

Step 6 Service-Learning Placements are posted on Canvas in a course named Teacher Ed & Early Childhood.  You will need to log into Canvas and accept the course first before accessing the placements. Do not contact your mentor teacher until you have gone to the Placement Procedures link in Step 7 or below the placements on Canvas and completed the steps for your school. All schools have procedures that must be followed before contacting your mentor teacher. Placements will be posted during week four or once a copy of your fingerprint card and ID are on file in the service-learning office.

Step 7 Once you have a placement, check the Placement Procedures for your placement district. This must be completed before contacting your mentor teacher.

Step 8 Make contact with your mentor teacher immediately after completing the paperwork for your placement through email and a phone call. Find the contact information on the school website if it is not in your placement information. Complete the confirmation form during the first meeting with your mentor teacher. Copies of this form go to your mentor teacher and all CGCC education instructors.

Step 9 Your completed and signed Service-Learning Time Log and Evaluation will be due according to the dates set by your instructors.
*Total your hours on the back and have your mentor teacher sign and complete the evaluation.

Step 10 Send a thank you to your mentor teacher!

Step 11 After completing your service-learning, complete the student survey to give feedback about service-learning in the Teacher Education Program. This information is used in effort to continually improve our program.

Thank you!

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the Teacher Education Service-Learning Placement Coordinator:
Carrie Braaten
Phone: 480-732-7039
Office: CGCC SC #106