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​Service-Learning Models
Individual Placements
  • Students are placed individually at any of CGCC’s approved agencies.

Individual EDU Placements

  • All teacher education students are individually placed at local schools.

Class Projects

  • Faculty may choose a project for their entire class at an agency that fits the course focus, such as Youth or Poverty. 

One-Day Events
  • The Into the Streets model is an example of a one-day experience for students and faculty.
The Into the Streets
The Into the Streets (ITS) model of service learning is a one-day experience for students and faculty. This model allows first time users of service learning to incorporate an experiential learning process into their classroom without managing a large process or committing to an extended service experience. Prior to the event, faculty with service- learning interest are polled for their needs. This allows faculty to plan for the correct agency and service experienced to meet their academic goals.
ITS can be a one day or multiple day event during the semester. The event date is chosen with faculty assistance a semester ahead of time, which allows for planning agencies and learning objectives. The service-learning office begins setting the activities with the agencies two months prior to ITS and works toward planning for the amount of classes and students attending the event. Students begin signing up individually for the event in the Office of Student Life four weeks prior to the event. During the weeks prior to ITS, the faculty prepare the students for the experience. Students are either given a list of agencies that are appropriate for their assignment or allowed to choose from the agencies for the event.
During ITS, students gather on campus in preparation for their service event. They complete an Assumption of Risk form and are given a packet containing CGCC's rationale for service learning, an example reflection sheet, and samples of students' writing capturing their service experience. After a whole-group orientation to the day, students travel in small groups to their service sites where they are given an agency orientation. Students complete meaningful service for the agency and then return to campus and reflect as a group on their experiences. They end their ITS day by sharing their reflections and completing a short evaluation of the day.

 Service Learning - Into The Streets, February 2013

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Dr. Seuss' Birthday

Dr. Seuss' Birthday is an annual event hosted by the Education faculty and the Office of Student Life. Elementary school students come to the campus to participate in CGCC student-led literacy activities. Education students prepare activities as part of their service learning experience. The elementary school students spend an hour and a half on campus participating in activities and having a birthday party for Dr. Seuss.

Book Joy Jamboree

Book Joy Jamboree is an event that is hosted by the Education faculty and the Office of Student Life. Elementary school students earn participation in the event by reading a certain number of books. Their teachers then accompany the students to campus for an afternoon of activities prepared by CGCC education students. The elementary students receive a certificate for their participation and for successfully reading a certain number of books.