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Student Support & Transition Services

Overview of Services

Student Support Services
A diverse team of licensed and skilled professionals, Behavioral Health Consultants (BHC's), meet the needs of CGCC's diverse student population by providing a wide range of support services.  Available interventions and support services may include:  

  • Individual or group support
  • Short term intervention
  • Personal and skill development
  • Campus, community referrals and resources

Early Success Referral Program
This program is a student focused retention and success program. The Early Success Referral system is designed for faculty and staff to identify and refer those students who may be struggling academically, behaviorally, personally, or could benefit from early detection, intervention and resources. Once referred, students are encouraged to voluntarily participate in an initial interview with a BHC to develop a success plan.

Faculty and staff referral


Re-Entry Support and Transition Services
This program assists with preparing current and prospective adult learners in transitioning to college. Re-Entry students can expect assistance with:

  • Navigating campus and community resources
  • Identify, define, and balance academic and personal goals 
  • Engage in success planning

Veterans Access and Transition Services
Aids Veterans in their transition to college while providing a supportive, positive, friendly, and safe environment. Our team of licensed and certified professionals, and DRS Specialist, are trained and experienced working with Veterans and their families.

Disability Resources & Services (DRS)
These services are available for all students who have a documented disability according to The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Amendment Act of 2008, and section 504 of The Rehabilitation Act. Students must self-identify their disability directly to the DRS Office and each individual must follow all DRS procedures in order to obtain services. Once registered in the DRS Office students will gain:

  • Advocacy and mediation support
  • Academic and personal support
  • Information and education of disability rights, and laws
  • Intervention and support to assist with skill building
  • Classroom and campus accommodations 
  • Assistance with integrating into campus life

In order to receive DRS services, students must follow these DRS procedures:

  • Identify their disability to the DRS Office by providing appropriate documentation
  • Register and update DRS forms each semester
  • Request accommodations and complete the Instructor Notification process
  • Communicate directly with DRS staff any concerns, needs, or changes

These DRS services support student retention and success.  The DRS staff assisting in providing access, education and monitoring compliance of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA, ADAAA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.


Pecos Campus

Monday & Tuesday: 8am-7pm

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:


Summer Hours
Monday - Thursday
7:00 AM - 5:30 PM


Main Office480-857-5188



Location:  Bradshaw Hall 101