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 Student Support and Disability Resources & Services

Veteran's Access & Support Services 

Thank you for your service to our country! 

The goal of the Student Support and Disability Resources & Services Department is to aid Veterans in their transition to College and provide a positive, friendly, and resourceful campus environment by connecting with our Veterans to provide access and support services.  Our team of licensed and certified professionals are trained and experienced working with the veteran population.  These professionals will function as a bridge between community agencies and the college community.


  • Provide academic advisement and accommodations
  • Provide educational assistance and support within the classroom
  • Partner with faculty to provide necessary information and awareness of unique needs
  • Provide Assistive Technology and training
  • Provide support services for students with injuries


  • Assist in finding appropriate services
  • Intervention and support for Veterans and family members
  • Connection to local Veterans Counseling & Mental Health Services
  • Understanding of complex emotional needs & Psychological needs
  • Provide professional development for faculty and staff
  • Provide opportunities for veterans to connect with their peers (quiet safe space)

Confidential appointments can be made by students, staff or faculty:

  • Call (480) 857-5188
  • Walk-in B 101
  • Early Success Referral & Retention Program

Reasons students seek Support Services:

  • Adjusting or transitioning to college
  • Assistance navigating the college system
  • Feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious
  • Re-connecting with family and friends
  • Integrating back into the community
  • Relating to the traditional student on campus
  • Re-occurrence of traumatic events that hinder attendance or performance
  • Assistance and support coordinating Veterans Services and benefits

When should Staff or Faculty refer:

  • Student showing signs of frustration or stress navigating CGCC's student systems
  • Verbalizing difficulty accepting or dealing with an injury
  • Verbalizing difficulty accessing or coordinating Veterans Services
  • Verbalizing difficulty relating to the traditional student within the classroom
  • Verbalization of past or current traumatic events
  • Behavior or verbal statements interpreted as being harmful to self or others
  • Displaying a sudden change in attitude, behavior, or academic progress