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This service has been relocated to the new Coyote Center.

Tuition & Fees

Enrollment in courses is complete when all tuition and fees are paid in full or student is enrolled in a payment plan.
Students whose records reflect a balance due at the close of business on the payment deadline may be dropped from courses.

What are Tuition & Fees?
The total tuition and fee payment is based on the number of credits a student is taking and the course fees assigned for each individual class.  These amounts are determined by Maricopa County residency as set forth in the Tuition and Fees Schedule.

Current Tuition & Fee Schedule per credit hour  - Effective July 1, 2014

General Tuition​ $84.00​
County Resident Audit Rate​ $109.00*​
Out-of-County​ $359.00
Out of State $325.00
* includes general tuition & fees of $84.00/credit & audit fee surcharge of $25.00
† includes general tuition & fees of $84.00/credit & out-of-county fee of $275.00
‡ includes general tuition & fees of $84.00/credit & non-residents fee of $241.00
Registration Processing Fee:  $15.00

Additional Fees: Additional Fees may be required for particular classes (e.g. Computer Labs, etc.)  See Schedule of Classes for additional fee requirements.
Non-Resident Student Advisory
Students are asked to take note of Arizona Revised Statute ARS15-798, which states "it is unlawful for any non-resident student to register concurrently in two or more public institutions of higher education in this state, including any university, college, or community college for a combined student credit hour enrollment of seven semester hours or more without payment of non-resident tuition at one of such institutions."
The Maricopa Community College District runs periodic reports to assess the higher tuition rate as required by that statute. It is critical for students to realize they cannot register at multiple campuses to avoid the higher tuition rate and to know they are likely to be assessed the higher fees.
Hours vary by location.  Please see Location and Hours for more information

Pecos Cashier's Office
Phone:  480.732.7312

Williams Cashier's Office
Phone:  480.732.7312​