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 Financial Aid

Special Conditions

Financial aid eligibility is calculated based on the information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Income and asset information is evaluated using a formula called Federal Methodology as set by Congress. The formula assumes that previous year's income, assets, and family size are good predictors of a family's financial strength. Based on this assumption, financial aid eligibility is determined using the prior year income information for the household.

Some students and/or parents have unusual circumstances which may affect the students eligibility. In these situations, the Department of Education gives institutions the authority to use Professional Judgment on a case by case basis to adjust elements in the federal need analysis to take into consideration these unusual circumstances.

Listed below are circumstances that CGCC considers unusual. Please remember, every institution has their own institutional policy in regards to professional judgment. A circumstance that qualifies for professional judgment at CGCC may not qualify for professional judgment at another institution and vice versa.

In each situation listed below, additional information will be required and the CGCC Financial Aid Office will determine if the situation warrants exercising professional judgment.

The information below is for academic year 2011-12.

Loss of Income

The CGCC Financial Aid Office will review situations in which there has been a loss of income for student/spouse/parent due to loss of employment, job change, or a reduction in work hours. The following will be required in order for our office to review this request:

  • Copies of 2011 federal tax return, including W-2s, once the return has been filed. This is specific to the 2011-12 academic year.
  • Dependent or Independent Verification Worksheet.

Loss of Benefits

The CGCC Financial Aid Office will review situations in which a student/spouse/parent has lost a benefit such as child support, social security, or worker's compensation. The following will be required in order for our office to review this request:

  • A statement explaining what the benefit is and when it ended
  • Documentation verifying the benefit ended and the date of termination
  • Dependent or Independent Verification Worksheet.

Divorce or Separation for Parents of Dependent Student

  • Copy of divorce decree or statement of separation
  • Dependent Verification Worksheet.

Death of a Parent of Spouse

Dependency Status Override

A student is considered a dependent of their parents until they meet one of the requirements of an independent student as outlined by the Department of Education.  The CGCC Financial Aid Office will review a student's dependent status due to extenuating circumstances such as abandonment by parents, abusive family environment, or incarceration of parents. Situations that DO NOT warrant a review include parents unwillingness to contribute to the student's education, parents refusal to provide information on the FAFSA or for verification, and parents not claiming the student as a dependent for tax purposes. Students who are interested in a dependency status override must contact the CGCC Financial Aid Office and make an appointment to meet with a financial aid representative.

The following will be required in order for our office to review this request. Additional information may be needed once we review documentation.

  • Independency Review Form
  • Statement explaining your past and present relationship with both of your parents, how you have supported yourself, and your current living situation.
  • Contact information for each parent, phone number and address
  • One notarized letter describing your relationship with both of your parents from a third party source (i.e. guidance counselor, caseworker, family member, clergy). If you choose to turn in more than one letter, all letters submitted must be notarized. Please provide contact information for third party source.