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 Financial Aid

Financial Aid Forms

​2015-2016 Forms


​This form is needed in order to evaluate your current living arrangements and proceed with determination of your eligibility for federal student aid.

​Your FAFSA was completed without providing parental information and their income data. If your parents refuse to complete the parental section of the FAFSA, you may be eligible for a Federal Unsubsidized Student Loan. If this is correct, this form needs to be completed.

​This form is needed if you wish to appeal the decision that you are not eligible for Federal Student Aid due to your unusual enrollment history.

​This form is needed to request reinstatement of Federal Student Aid after you have met the requirements stated on the form.

​This form is needed to confirm student identity and use of Federal Student Aid for education purposes and to pay cost of attending.

​This form is needed because our office has been notified you have one or more prior student loans discharged due to total and permanent disability.

​This form is needed if you wish to have a student extenuating circumstance reviewed for increased financial aid eligibility.

​This form is needed if you wish to have a parent extenuating circumstance reviewed for increased financial aid eligibility.

​Non Year Specific Forms


​To be completed when there has been a change to the Academic Plan Restricted Course List since the intitial filing.

This form is needed when a student is taking classes at another Maricopa Community College, Arizona State University or Central Arizona University and the student would like to receive their aid based on those credit hours in addition to their credit hours at CGCC. Before submitting the agreement to the financial aid office student's must enroll at the participating school and pay for the classes at the participating school. There are deadline dates each semester to submit a consortium agreement. Please check with the CGCC Important Financial Aid Dates section for these dates. Please see coversheet for additional important information.  Note: In order to receive a student loan at CGCC, the student must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours at CGCC. 

Students must complete their academic objective in an allowable timeframe. Once a student has reached this timeframe (i.e. already have completed a degree, have attempted excessive credit hours) they will need to complete this form in order for the Financial Aid Office to determine if they are eligible to receive financial aid at CGCC.

At CGCC, we do not award the maximum in student loans up front.  We expect students to carefully review their budget before borrowing additional funds.  This form assists students in reviewing their borrowing history and is needed in order for CGCC to award any additional loan funds.

This form may be necessary when a student changes their enrollment status, wants to cancel their financial aid, needs to request a student loan, and other miscellaneous requests.

This form needs to be submitted when a student has been denied financial aid due to their academic progress and they wish to appeal.