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 Disability Resources & Services

In-Class Accommodations
What is it?
Common in-class accommodation services available to students. 
  • Notetaking: informal written account of course information by a classmate
  • Recording of lectures: audio account of lecture and group work by the student
  • Preferential seating: a reserved seat in a specialized area of a classroom
  • Large print: magnification of standard font sizes, graphics, or photos 
       What is it?
    • Emphasis on legibility, completeness, and accuracy 

    • Excellent attendance, arriving on time, not leaving early

    • The notetaker is paid $25.00 per semester hour for this service

    • Special notetaking paper and copies are available through DRS office

    • Collecting the notes is between the student and the notetaker
       Who would use it?


       Recording of Lectures

       What is it?

    • Permission to record the class lecture, meetings or group work
    • Recording are not to be shared with other students

       Who would use it?

       Preferential Seating

       What is it?
    • Up front, in back, or close to an exit depending on the needs of the student 
    • A special chair (padded, back support, wheels, arm rests) or desk/table
       Who would use it?
    • Disabilities related to attention and focusing benefit from sitting up front
    • Blind and visually impaired benefit from sitting up front
    • Deaf and hard of hearing benefit from sitting up front
    • Disabilities related to anxiety benefit from sitting in the back
    • Pain management disorders benefit from sitting/standing in the back
    • Medical related disabilities benefit from special chairs
    • Physically disabled students benefit from adjustable desks/tables


       Large Print


         What is it?

  • Includes: syllabus, handouts, additional readings, quizzes, tests and any other in class print-based materials
  • Instructor Notification Form (INF) provides enlargement size 

        Who would use it?