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Vehicle Registration
A student who operates or parks a motor vehicle on college property is required to register the vehicle and secure and display on the vehicle a current college parking permit for a designated parking area. A college president may choose to issue parking permits to only certain classifications of drivers utilizing the campus. Parking permits can be obtained free of charge at the Enrollment Service which is located in the Coyote Center on the Pecos Campus or at the Williams Campus Department of Public Safety.

An out-of-state/out-of-country student or college employee who operates or parks a motor vehicle on campus property must sign an affidavit at the time of registration that the vehicle complies with A.R.S. 49-542 relating to vehicle emission testing. Vehicles which do not comply with A.R.S. 49-542 will not be granted a permit.

Pecos Campus Parking

Chandler-Gilbert Community College students, faculty and staff are required to obtain and display a MCCCD parking decal while parking on campus.
Parking spaces on the Pecos Campus are designated as follows:
  • Student & General parking - White
  • Employee - White with "Employee" painted in the space
  • Disabled - Universal Disabled blue & white symbol painted in the space
  • Visitor - White with posted signs and/or "Visitor" painted in the space
  • Reserved - Signs posted
  • Fire lanes - Red
Please obtain a brochure on parking regulations and violations from the Department of Public Safety. Violations are ticketed.
Williams Campus Parking

Chandler-Gilbert Community College students, faculty and staff at the Williams Campus may obtain a MCCCD decal and a current year validator to park in lots owned by MCCCD. Students, faculty and staff, and anyone who chooses to park at any other ASU at the Polytechnic Campus parking lot will be required to purchase and properly display a valid ASU parking decal or hourly visitor's permit for their vehicle at all times. View a map of the CGCC and ASU Polytechnic Campus.
It is important to note that ASU at the Polytechnic Campus diligently enforces their parking regulations.
Visitor Parking/Car Pool

Visitor Parking on the Pecos Campus are clearly marked. For driving directions and parking lot locations, please refer to the college maps.
On the Williams Campus, Visitor's Parking is located in the lots north and south of Bluford Hall.