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Integrated Local Harvests with Brad Lancaster

Start Time:   2/12/2014 11:15 AM

End Time:   2/12/2014 1:00 PM

Location:   PAC

Simple and Effective Ways to Enhance the Natural Abundance of Your Home, Community and the Larger World This dynamic presentation shares patterns and strategies to harvest, integrate, and enliven free local resources—such as rain-, grey-, and stormwaters; sun, wind, and shade; along with soil fertility, wild foods, and community fun—in a way that generates far more potential than the sum of their parts. Scarcity is re-visioned into abundance simply through creative cycling and utilization of what is already at hand. Costly and consuming habits and infrastructure, disconnected from their surroundings, are reoriented and reconnected to maximize enriching opportunities. This talk is an invitation for you to engage and partner with your natural surroundings and community, and a treasure map showing you the way—by planting the rain, dancing with the sun, and growing fertile shade—and to serve as one of your community’s inspirational sparks!

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