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Speech Week: Peter Loth, Holocaust Survivor

Start Time:   3/28/2013 11:15 AM

End Time:   3/28/2013 12:30 PM

Location:   SC 140-144

Peter Loth is a Holocaust survivor who was born in Stutthof concentration camp to his Jewish mother who was imprisoned with Peter’s Grandmother. After the liberation of Stutthof by the Russians, Mr. Loth’s mother handed her son over to a kind Polish woman who stated she would care for Peter until his mother could return. Peter lived in Poland not knowing his mother until he was 14 years old. During this time he was shuffled from one orphanage to another and child detention centres. The years held much suffering, abuse and the hand of soviet police and guards. At 14 years old he was reunited with his mother who was living in western Germany with her new husband a U.S Army soldier. The many years of abuse and dysfunction created an angry and bitter young man until his life was transformed through the power of forgiveness. Today Peter travels all over the world speaking to Synagogues, churches, special events and corporate leadership meetings. Mr. Loth’s message of hope and peace through forgiveness has changed the lives of thousands who struggle with the emotional scars of trauma. In “Peace by Piece” Peter shares his story, taking the reader through each event with clarity that is spellbinding. Peter teaches truth about the Holocaust so that it will Never be Forgotten and so that it will Never be Repeated. Despite living through physical and emotional abuse, Peter shares how we can only be set free from the pain if we choose to forgive. We are healed when the chains that bind us to our past hurts are severed~ with G-D’s love and forgiveness.

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