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Annotation Charter Schools
Arizona charter schools are state funded public schools and were created by the Arizona State Legislature in 1994. Charter schools are established to give parents academic choices for their children and provide a learning environment to improve student achievement. Charter schools contract with the state or district to provide tuition free educational services.
Education Department of Education
Provides teacher certification, school standards, charter schools, home schooling, AIMS test, and education statistics (see accountability) information.
Education Department of Education State Report Card 
This report contains AIMS statistics, graduation rates, and drop out rates.
Education School Enrollment and Demographics
These reports contain the school enrollment counts for all active enrollments on October 1st of each school year. Data categories include county, school, gender, grade, and ethnicity.
Education Teacher Certification Information
Certification requirements information.
Education’s Common Core Standards 
National association of schools and colleges offering services and programs in the areas of assessment, guidance, admission, placement, financial aid, curriculum, and research.
Offers college search, financial aid, scholarship, tour, and career information, for colleges and universities.
Offers advice on choosing a college, college admissions, financial aid, and sports.
Education - Lesson Plans Library
Hundreds of original lesson plans written by teachers for teachers.
Education World
Complete online resource where educators can find the lesson plans and research materials.
Education Schrock's Guide for Educators 
A categorized list of sites useful for enhancing curriculum and professional growth.
Education Center for Educational Statistics
U.S. Department of Education entity that compiles and analyzes education data
Education Center for Homeless Education
Information clearinghouse of homeless education resources.
Education Horizons for Learning 
A network of educators focused on identifying, communicating, and implementing the most effective teaching and learning strategies.
Education Child Left Behind Act
United States Department of Education's official site for NCLBA.
Education of Special Education Programs
U.S. Department of Education entity that supports programs that improve results for children with disabilities.
Education Teacher Certification Requirements
An Education World webpage that provides links to each state's department of education and certification requirements websites.
Education News Online: Education
Lets users find colleges, grad schools, national rankings, scholarships, and job opportunities.
Education States Department of Education
Grants, Financial Aid, Research & Statistics, Policy, and Programs information.