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CarolDichtenbergCarol.dichtenberg@cgc.edu8575133Caraa00087FacultyBookThe helpGarner mann
CarolDichtenbergcarol.dichtenberg@cgc.edu4808575133caraa00087FacultyBookthe town
JenniOfstiejennifer.ofstie@cgc.edu75138jen2077815FacultyBookLuna Peters
Pecos Campus
Caroldichtenbergcarol.dichtenberg@cgc.edu4808575133caraa00087FacultyBookThe world
Pecos Campus
Pecos Campus Chinese: Level 1, Part 1 Audio CDs (English and Chinese Edition)
I am Chinese instructor teaching at CGCC. I hope the library will provide the cds for students to practice Chinese listening and speaking skills.
Pecos Campus
JenniOfstiejennifer.ofstie@cgc.edu5138jen2077815FacultyBookwhere the red fern grows
Pecos Campus
MalikTomsmalik.toms@cgc.edu64908malaa00003FacultyBookThe Wire: The Complete SeriesDavid Simon
This is an incredible series which is taught as a course at Harvard. It is used here in Sociology and Literature Film courses.
Pecos Campus
GregoryTronegregory.trone@cgc.edu480.732.7289greiq33801FacultyDVDHappyRoko Belic
Pecos Campus
Cammen Chancammen.chan@cgc.edu4807927466cam2137608FacultyBookAll in One Electronics Guidez
All-in-One Electronics Guide follows the entire college electronic engineering curricula in one package that is easy to read, with one chapter per course. It includes the latest technology and practical materials students will use in the real world. The author leveraged that with his four-and-a half years of teaching experience and seventeen years of professional electrical engineering experience in the semiconductor industry. It is an excellent supplemental text for the first and second year electronic engineering students and professors. It is especially well-fitted as a core review textbook in the electronic capstone class and the senior electronic project class. I included the Amazon and landing page links below for your reference. Thank you.
Pecos Campus
MelissaDionmelissadion@scottdion.com6027174507MEL2065207FacultyDVDBabiesThomas Balmes
Focus Features2010
This is a great documentary I show every semester in my COM263, Intercultural Communication class, but could be used in a variety of disciplines.
Pecos Campus
LoriGirshicklori.girshick@cgc.edu480-857-5536lortu61901FacultyBookWhy Civil Resistance WorksErica Chenoweth
Pecos Campus
LoriGirshicklori.girshick@cgc.edu480-857-5536lortu61901FacultyBookRecovering Nonviolent HistoryMaciej J. Bartkowski
Pecos Campus
LoriGirshicklori.girshick@cgc.edu480-857-5536lortu61901FacultyBookThe Republic of Outsiders; The Power of Amateurs, Dreamers & RebelsAlissa Quart
The New Press2013
Pecos Campus
LoriGirshicklori.girshick@cgc.edu480-857-5536lortu61901FacultyBookThe End of the WorldBilly Talen
OR Books
Pecos Campus
LoriGirshicklori.girshick@cgc.edu480-857-5536lortu61901FacultyDVDJasper, Texas
Pecos Campus
LoriGirshicklori.girshick@cgc.edu480-857-5536lortu61901FacultyDVDBidder 70
Pecos Campus
LoriGirshicklori.girshick@cgc.edu480-857-5536lortu61901FacultyDVDPink Ribbons, Inc.
Pecos Campus
LoriGirshicklori.girshick@cgc.edu480-857-5536lortu61901FacultyDVDThe Loving Story
Pecos Campus
LoriGirshicklori.girshick@cgc.edu480-857-5536lortu61901FacultyBookScience, Technology, and SocietyRobert McGinn
Prentice Hall19910-13-794736-4
to use for SOC 180 (new class)
Pecos Campus
LoriGirshicklori.girshick@cgc.edu480-857-3356lortu61901FacultyBookTechnopolyNeil Postman
to be used for SOC 180 (new class in spring semester)
Pecos Campus
LoriGirshicklori.girshick@cgc.edu480-857-5536lortu61901FacultyBookThe McDonaldization of SocietyGeorge Ritzer
This will be a required book for SOC 180, new class in the spring. It would be good to have a few copies. It also is the updated edition--2013.
Pecos Campus
YvonneReinekeyreineke@yahoo.com2-7237yvoka78501FacultyBookCooked: A Natural History of TransformationMichael Pollan
Now in paperback, too. Relevant to ETC, HUM, ENG101.
Pecos Campus
YvonneReinekeyvonne.reineke@cgc.edu277237yvoka78501FacultyBookRainwater Harvesting for Dryland: Vol. 1 and 2Brad Lancaster
Chelsea Green?
Here's the website link: you can get on Amazon, etc. BUt this is direct link. Relevant to ETC and student water harvest projects and Sustainability initiative, HUM and ENG101, other sciences, too.
Pecos Campus
FabioCorreaFabio.correa@cgc.edu480-857-5525Fajr03821FacultyDVDPost Tenebras Lux (Life After Darkness)Carlos Reygadas
Please make sure it has ENGLISH subtitles. Thanks.
Pecos Campus
YvonneReinekeyvonne.reineke@cgc.edu2-7237yvoka78501FacultyBookART NATURE DIALOGUES Interviews with Environmental Artists JOHN K. GRANDE FOREWORD BY EDWARD LUCIE-SMITHJohn K. Grande
SUNY Press  pb ISBN 0-7914-6194-7 Link to publisher website. Needed for HUM201.
Pecos Campus
LoriGirshicklori.girshick@cgc.edu857-5536lortu61901FacultyBookGreen is the New RedWill Potter
City Lights2011978-0-87286-538-9
Pecos Campus
LoriGirshicklori.girshick@cgc.edu857-5536lortu61901FacultyBookCypherpunksJulian Assange
OR Books2012978-1-939293-00-8
Pecos Campus
LoriGirshicklori.girshick@cgc.edu857-5536lortu61901FacultyBookThank You, AnarchyNathan Schneider
Pecos Campus
LoriGirshicklori.girshick@cgc.edu857-5536lortu61901FacultyBookThe Passion of Bradley ManningChase Madar
OR Books2012978-1-935928-53-9
Pecos Campus
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