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 Exercise Science

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​Physical EducationEducation

Chandler-Gilbert Community College promotes healthy lifestyles and lifetime fitness with a variety of physical education courses. These courses are held in a group exercise setting, and focus on improving cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, body composition, and flexibility. Some of the options include Pilates, Spinning, Weight Training, Physical Conditioning, Karate, Golf, Aerobics, and Yoga, among others. 

​Physical Education
Course Offerings

Class Schedule for PED

(Not all classes offered every semester)

PED101BCBoot Camp1.00
PED101SRStretch and Relaxation1.00
PED101TCTai Chi1.00
PED101WTWeight Training1.00
PED101YRRestorative Yoga1.00
PED101ZUZumba Fitness1.00
PED115Lifetime Fitness2.00

Physical Education