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 Learning Communities


CGCC Learning Communities (LCs)  

Learning communities integrate two or more courses in ways that meaningfully connect the knowledge of each course.  At CGCC, learning communities can be comprised of fully integrated classes or linked courses in three basic areas: General Education, Professional Careers or College Success.

CGCC Learning Communities offer the following benefits:

  • A deeper understanding of course material
  • Pairing courses with your field or career area
  • Personal growth among others in your major
  • Active participation in one's own learning, class and community

Follow the links to view Fall 2016 LC options:

​Benefits of Learning Communities (LCs)

If you want:

Classes that use examples for your career, professional, or special interest, rather than general lessons:
  • Courses that often meet two or three graduation requirements in one shot;
  • Courses that reduce "busy work", overlap, unnecessary textbooks and repetition because they are designed by partnered professors to "fit" together;
  • Classes that are small and full of other students interested in your SPECIFIC field or special interest, taught by professors who will give you deeper understanding of how the content plays a role in our field, the "real world" and the topic of interest;
...you need to consider enrolling in a learning community to complete courses you need anyway for degree and/or transfer, in the most effective teaching approach possible.

Questions? Email an LC instructor

Learning Communities (LCs) Important Information

ONLINE ENG102's at CGCC are offered as a Learning Community paired with an online IFS course.  The IFS online course is used to improve your success and research skills as applied to ENG102 online and other classes.

You must enroll for both the ENG102 online section (3 credit) AND a IFS online course (1 credit). 

Here are the pairs for Fall 2016:

a)  ENG 102 (#31258) T. Moser and IFS 110 (#29850) Staff
b)  ENG 102 (#31259) M. Fernandez and IFS 110 (#29851) Staff
c)  ENG 102 (#31260) M. Fernandez and IFS 110 (#29852) Staff
d)  ENG 102 (#31261) T. Moser and IFS 110 (#29853) Staff

Learning Community - Steps to Register

  1. Check out the courses available as a Learning Community.  If you need a math, writing, reading or student success course, or an intro or 201 course in your major, there is definitely an LC available for you.

  2. Once you find a learning community of interest, register for the two (in some LC's three) courses as a combination by calling 480.732.7320

Because you must take the combined courses together in the same semester, you need to register for them by phone, rather than the standard registration.