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 Modern Languages & Humanities


The Humanities Division at CGCC offers studies in the subjects of History, Philosophy & Religious Studies and Sustainability & Ecological Literacy.

​Welcome to the History program at Chandler-Gilbert. Members of the faculty are committed to engaging you in historical study as an essential part of your lifelong learning. It is through a better understanding of the past that we can make more informed decisions and actions not only in our personal lives but also publicly, both locally and globally.

Because history informs life and life makes history, as Nietzsche recognized, the study of history is as much interpretation as it is science. The ancient Greeks, in fact, gave the study of history its own muse, Clio (depicted above). The muse of History speaks from within us. Who we are and where we stand affects how we see the past. Yet, as we study the stories of diverse peoples who lived in the past as well as contemporary historians' narratives, we can revisit our own perspective of the past in order to make it richer, more complex, and more nuanced. This more informed view of diverse human experiences and societies will no doubt influence how we move in the world today.

Philosophy has several course offerings.  Introduction to Philosophy is the study of general consideration of human nature and the nature of the universe. Knowledge, perception, freedom and determinism, and the existence of God.

Religious Studies has several course offerings. World Religions is the development of various religions from the prehistoric to modern times. Political, economic, social and geographic relationships among world religions. Consideration of both Eastern and Western religions.

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Sustainability and Ecological Literacy Program

Are You Thinking Green?

This interdisciplinary Academic Certificate (AC) in Sustainability and Ecological Literacy enhances students’ understanding of sustainable living practices associated with economics, equity and the environment.  Through a combination of coursework and experiential learning, students engage in critical thinking, inquiry, and the discourse skills necessary for becoming socially responsible citizens who are environmentally aware. 
The certificate is designed for students seeking an Associate in Arts Degree and planning to transfer to a four-year college or university in liberal arts, social sciences, or business. 

Click here for a list of degree and certificate program descriptions.

Sustainability and Ecological LiteracyYes

Please review course Program Guide for requirements

Sustainable and Ecological Literacy Certificate Program Brochure