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 Modern Languages & Humanities

Modern Languages

American Sign Language

American Sign Languages classes instruct in the principles, methods, and techniques for communicating with deaf people who sign. Development of expressive and receptive sign skills, manual alphabet, numbers, and sign vocabulary. Overview of syntax, grammar, and culture related to American Sign Language (A.S.L.).

Class Schedule for SLG

(Not all classes offered every semester)

SLG101American Sign Language I4.00
SLG102American Sign Language II4.00
SLG103Introduction to the Deaf Community1.00
SLG110Fingerspelling I2.00
SLG201American Sign Language III4.00
SLG202American Sign Language IV4.00

English as a Second Language

English as a second language (ESL) courses are designed to help foreign speakers from a variety of countries learn English by emphasizing four basic skill areas: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. No proof of citizenship is required. It is recommended that students enroll in all courses offered in each level and be tested so they may be placed in the appropriate level

Los cursos de Inglés como segunda lengua están diseñados para ayudar a estudiantes de otros países para aprender y se enfatizan en cuatro areas básicas: Como escuchar, oral, lectura y escritura. Puede matricularse aunaue no tenga documentos. Se recomienda que las personas que desean inscribirse en estas clases tomen un exámen para que sean inscritas en un nivel apropiado. Los exámenes son de gramática, conversación y de escritura. Según el resultado del exámen, la persona será inscrita ya sea en el nivel elemental, intermedio o avanzado de las respectivas clases de gramática, conversación y de escritura.
Krista Valenzuela-Emanuel
Virginia Edwards




Did you know...

The ESL Program offers customized, on-site classes for company employees and family members 15 years of age and older. 

For more information:
Krista Valenzuela-Emanuel.

Foreign Languages

Why Take a Foreign Language?

The command of a foreign language is not only essential in many career fields, but necessary in order to compete for jobs in today's globalized society.

Even if your major does not have a foreign language requirement, students are encouraged to take foreign language classes in order to expand their global awareness and increase their competitive edge in the job market.

​Foreign Languages offered at CGCC include Chinese, German, Navajo and Spanish.

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