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 Modern Languages & Humanities


​CHI 101 Elementary Chinese (Mandarin) I  (5 credits)

Course Description

Elementary Chinese (Mandarin) I is an introduction to the basic grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary of the Mandarin Chinese language. Includes the study of Chinese culture, practice of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.  Prerequisites: None

Course Objectives (Lessons 1-5)

Introduction (介绍)
You will learn:
  1. Chinese Language and Dialects;
  2. Syllabic Structure and Pronunciation;
  3. The Chinese Writing System;
  4. Useful Expressions.
Lesson 1: Greetings (问好)
You will learn to use Chinese to:
  1. Exchange basic greetings;
  2. Request a person’s last name and full name and provide your own;
  3. Determine whether someone is a teacher or not;
  4. Ascertain someone’s nationality.
Lesson 2: Family (家庭)
You will learn to use Chinese to
  1. Employ basic kinship terms;
  2. Describe a family photo;
  3. Ask about someone’s profession;
  4. Say some common professions.
Lesson 3: Dates and Time (时间)
You will learn to use Chinese to
  1. Tell and speak time and dates;
  2. Talk about one’s age and birthday;
  3. Invite someone to dinner;
  4. Arrange a dinner date.
Lesson 4: Hobbies (爱好)
You will learn to use Chinese to
  1. Say and write the terms for basic personal hobbies;
  2. Ask about someone’s hobbies;
  3. Ask friends out to see a movie;
  4. Set up plans for the weekend.
Lesson 5: Visiting Friends (看朋友)
You will learn to use Chinese to
  1. Welcome a visitor;
  2. Introduce one person to another;
  3. Compliment someone on his/her house;
  4. Ask for beverages as a guest at someone else’s places;
  5. Offer beverages to a visitor;
  6. Briefly describe a visit to a friend’s place.


​CHI 102 Elementary Chinese (Mandarin) II (5 credits)

Course Description

Elementary Chinese (Mandarin) II is the study of grammar and vocabulary along with the study of Chinese culture. Emphasis on pronunciation and speaking skills.  Prerequisites: CHI101 or permission of Department or Division.  Completion of prerequisites within the last three years is required.

Course Objectives by Chapter (6-10)

Lesson 6: Making Appointments (约时间)
You will learn to use Chinese to
  1. Answer a phone call and initiate a phone conversation;
  2. Set up an appointment with a teacher on the phone;
  3. Ask for a favor;
  4. Ask someone to return your call.
Lesson 7: Studying Chinese (学中文)
You will learn to use Chinese to
  1. Comment on one’s performance in an exam;
  2. Comment on one’s character writing;
  3. Talk about one’s experience in learning Chinese vocabulary and grammar;
  4. Talk about one’s study habits;
  5. Remark on typical scene’s from one’s language class.
Lesson 8: School Life (学校生活)
You will learn to use Chinese to
  1. Describe the routine of a student’s life on campus;
  2. Write a simple diary entry;
  3. Write a brief letter in the proper format;
  4. Express your modesty in terms of your foreign language ability;
  5. Invite friends to go on an outing.
Lesson 9: Shopping (买东西)
You will learn to use Chinese to
  1. Speak about the color, size, and price of a purchase;
  2. Recognize Chinese currency;
  3. Pay bills in cash or with a credit card;
  4. Determine the proper change you should receive;
  5. Ask for a difference size and/or color of merchandise;
  6. Exchange merchandise.
Lesson 10: Transportation (交通)
You will learn to use Chinese to
  1. Comment about several means of transportation;
  2. Explain how to travel from one station to another;
  3. Describe a traffic route;
  4. Express your gratitude after receiving a personal favor;
  5. Offer New Year’s wishes.