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 Performing Arts


The dance program at Chandler-Gilbert Community College focuses on dance as an art form with particular attention to dance theory and its relationship to the development of good technical skills.

A close-knit, supportive environment fosters student confidence and interaction. Classes are small and the faculty serve as mentors to the students providing opportunities to explore the many possibilities in dance and dance-related careers.
For more information about the dance program - please contact:  
Cheri Mcdowell -   480.732.7136

Class Schedule for DAN, DAH

(Not all classes offered every semester)

DAH100Introduction to Dance3.00
DAH201World Dance Studies3.00
DAN102AAHip Hop I1.00
DAN102ABHip Hop II1.00
DAN131Ballet I1.00
DAN132Modern Dance I1.00
DAN133Jazz Dance I1.00
DAN134Ballet II1.00
DAN135Modern Dance II1.00
DAN136Jazz Dance II1.00
DAN138Dance Seminar I1.00
DAN140Tap Dance I1.00
DAN141Dance Workshop1.00
DAN145Tap Dance II1.00
DAN150Dance Performance I1.00
DAN155Dance Performance II1.00
DAN210Dance Production I3.00
DAN211Dance Production II3.00
DAN221Rhythmic Awareness I2.00
DAN222Rhythmic Awareness II2.00
DAN231Ballet III1.00
DAN231AABallet III: Intensive2.00
DAN232Modern Dance III1.00
DAN232AAModern Dance III: Intensive2.00
DAN232PAModern Dance Intermediate Level0.50
DAN233Jazz Dance III1.00
DAN234Ballet IV1.00
DAN235Modern Dance IV1.00
DAN235AAModern Dance IV: Intensive2.00
DAN235PAModern Dance Advanced Level0.50
DAN236Jazz Dance IV1.00
DAN237Ballet Pointe I1.00
DAN240Tap Dance III1.00
DAN245Tap Dance IV1.00
DAN250Dance Performance III1.00
DAN255Dance Performance IV1.00
DAN264Choreography I3.00
DAN265Choreography II3.00
DAN280Dance Practicum2.00
DAN298ABSpecial Projects2.00