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Political Science

Though the practice of politics dates back far into history during the times of the ancient Greeks, the study of politics as a science is relatively new. Political science is the examination of our political processes, the institutions involved, and the qualitative investigation of organizational behavior. Political scientists learn how to systematically approach issues within the scope of political science including domestic, international, and comparative politics. Students with backgrounds in political science may prepare for careers in areas such as law, college and university teaching, government service, foreign career service and 'politics' in general.

In addition to the study of politics, students enrolled in political science courses at Chandler-Gilbert will have the opportunity to practice civic engagement, become informed in the matters of the community, and hopefully become better citizens in the process.

Class Schedule for POS

(Not all classes offered every semester)

POS110American National Government3.00
POS120World Politics3.00
POS180United Nations Studies3.00
POS210Political Ideologies3.00
POS220U.S. and Arizona Constitution3.00
POS221Arizona Constitution1.00
POS222U.S. Constitution2.00
POS223Civil Rights3.00