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 Student Evaluation of Courses and Teaching (SECT)

‚ÄčStudents will have an opportunity to evaluate their teachers and courses within the final 3 weeks of the ending of their class.  The primary means of notification is email sent to the student's Maricopa email account with a subject containing "CGCC Teacher Evaluation".  In this email is a link to the evaluation survey.

Note to instructors:

For Fall 2016 we will be using a Course Evaluation system by Quatrics. 

For viewing your classes survey report, click here to sign in with your MEID. 

For the new report layout, help is included for understanding SECT evaluation results.

Viewing Reports from Spring 2016 and earlier:

On the Sign in page, immediately change the Datasource to 'Instructors' without entering anything in the fields below the Datasource field. If presented with a subsequent login screen, enter your MEID and password. If signing in with Internet Explorer, please precede your MEID with mcccd-org\.

ex. mcccd-org\tom1111111

For Instructors and other authorized evaluation viewers, Tech Central has instructions for viewing and understanding SECT evaluation results.

Important: If unable to sign in to Tech Central with your MEID, try preceding your MEID with mcccd-org\.