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 Online Tutoring

Help when you need it: 24 hours a day!

Welcome to the Online Tutoring page.  In addition to face-to-face help, the Learning Center at CGCC provides online tutoring for students enrolled in online or hybrid CGCC courses, via Smarthinking.  

You must currently be enrolled in an active, participating, online or hybrid CGCC course in one of the supported subjects to use Smarthinking. 

With SMARTHINKING you can:

  • Connect with an e-structor and interact with a live tutor.
  • Schedule a personal session with an e-structor of your choice.
  • Submit your writing for any class to our Online Writing Lab.
  • Submit a question and receive a reply from a tutor.

Using Smarthinking Online Tutoring:

Before using Smarthinking, you should view "How to write up your problem" which will teach you how to best phrase your problem or tutoring need so you get back the best possible results.  You will see several common types of submissions, and how to translate teacher instructions/what you need/areas of weakness into words for your request that are clear and makes sense to your online tutor.

To USE SMARTHINKING, once you have 'prepared' your question:

  1. Log in (MEID and Password)
  2. Enter your problem or paragraph or attach your essay document;
  3. Add comments/make clear your problem or the help you seek, copying the complete original problem and/or assignment instructions when possible;
  4. Submit;
  5. Retrieve and apply the response.

DOs and DON'Ts

 What you should submit to Smarthinking:

  • types of math problems you don't understand, help with formulas or approaches to topics, from basic math to calculus
  • drafts of essays and writing assignments for feedback and suggestions to guide revisions
  • requests for problem solving strategies for a particular type of assignment

 What you cannot do with Smarthinking:

  • Use it like Google to look up quick definitions and answers
  • Have Smarthinking do your research or work or a specific assignment for you

Five Ways to Improve your Tutoring Feedback

In order to make the most of your Smarthinking tutoring session:

  1. Look at the sample submissions in "How to write up your problem" for ideas on how to best phrase your question/identify your exact need for help to a Smarthinking tutor.
  2. Always cut-and-paste or attach a complete original description of your essay or assignment and/or any instructions from your instructor.
  3. If you have a common weak area, for example, grammar, quadratic equations, or calculating moles in Chemistry, identify these to the tutor if they may pop up in the assignment you are submitting.  Typically look at what comments the instructor wrote on your last paper or exam and write them up in your problem description for the tutor.
  4. Look at the sample submissions or view one of the three general walk-through videos (personal essay, submit a research paper and submit a math problem ) to demo what you need to do.
  5. Always save your 'response' from Smarthinking and take to your instructor or to the Learning Center for further questions, to verify the tutoring recommendations or answers, or if the response is unclear.

 Further questions?  See Smarthinking's FAQ or send an email to or

Technology Requirements

  • Minimum Operating System Version:  Windows XP, Mac OS-X (10.4)
  • Minimum Browser Version:
    • Windows - Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 12, or Google Chrome 20
    • Macintosh - Safari 5 or Firefox 12
  • Internet Connection:  56k or greater
  • Security:  Cookies/Javascript enabled and pop-ups allowed for ""
  • Technical Support: Fill out the online form or email (M-F, 8am - 9pm Eastern time)

Need help using SMARTHINKING? Fill out an online form or e-mail Customer Support at (M-F, 8am - 9pm Eastern time)