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 Honors Program

Honors Designation Form

Special Requests/Designation Requests must be made before the beginning of each semester.  Special Requests will not be considered/processed after the beginning of the semester.  Only students making special requests should submit this form. Students who enroll in all honor classes and honor option classes will automatically have the honors designation on the course, as long as you enroll in the correct section!

When registering for classes, you should choose your Honor Course first and build the rest of your schedule around your Honor course. Remember, you must be enrolled in the classes before you submit a request!  We cannot designate it as your honors class, if you are not enrolled in the course.
Please be sure to give both a 1st and 2nd choice. We cannot guarantee special requests, so we recommend that you enroll in an approved all honors or honors option class.

Special Requests are only considered for students who are in the fourth semester of their program of study (or possibly third) and only if there isn't an honors course available that they can use. The Honors Advisor will confirm that special requests are the only option for the student once the request is made.

If an honors section exists for a course that is requested, the request will be denied. You need to enroll in the honors section of that class. Enroll in that class and build the rest of your schedule around the Honors Course.
For graduation purposes (if you intend to graduate with honors from the Honors program--see handbook for requirements), if you want two honor classes this semester, please be sure to enroll in TWO classes with honors option available from the list.
Note:  If an honors option is dropped from a course, due to a faculty or schedule change, we will try to notify you of the change as soon as possible, and the student will then need to choose another class.  The Honor Program reserves the right to change Honors course offerings at any time.  The student is responsible for verifying that his/her class is designated as an honors class for him/her before the beginning of the semester.  Students can verify that information by checking their course schedule/notes on MyMaricopa.
Please note that requests for psy 101 (except for the All Honors Section) and psy132 (except for the sections already offered with honors option) are automatically denied. Math division denies all requests for all MAT classes below MAT151. Requests for classes for which there is an honors only class or an honors option class will be denied! Check the list of all honors courses and honors option classes before submitting special requests.

Students should NOT contact the instructor directly. All special requests must be submitted to the Honors Office. The Honors Directors review the request. If approved by the Honors Program, the division and faculty is then contacted for division/faculty approval.
Is this a special request?
Is this a special request
Please choose from the list of approved Honor classes first. Special requests are only considered under special circumstances (such as a fourth semester student who needs classes for graduation). If you make a special request for your Honors Course, you should not drop this course and request another. Please plan carefully!

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